Monday, October 11, 2010

Our pumpkins

This weekend we went to a pumpkin patch. It is the 1st year it has been open but it is only about 2-3 miles from our house. Much closer than any of the others. The place is really a vineyard/winery. It is pretty new to this location. The pumpkin patch wasn't great but it was OK. I hate that pumpkin patches are so expensive. Most the ones around here have tons of activities and could be an all day thing. This one had pumpkins in the field, but all the vines were already cleared out. It also had 2 inflatables, which cost $ and face painting, also $. However, they were also gearing this towards adults so they had hors d'oeuvres and wine.

We went, picked out our pumpkins and left. I could have gotten 4 big pumpkins from WalMart for cheaper but hey, it's the pumpkin patch. Like I said, pumpkin patches are expensive.

The fun part is decorating them. We will carve them out shortly before Halloween. At least, that is the plan.

I did not get a good one with Sam and her pumpkin
Here she is acting like it's a baby and she's punching it. Isn't that nice??!

Working hard on getting the pumpkins just right.
(Sam's pumpkin is 2 sided, BTW)

Ike did a lot of this...
All because Max got the red nose piece. Oh my gosh- end of the world!

While decorating our lovely pumpkins a big Monarch butterfly came to visit our sunflowers.

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