Thursday, October 21, 2010

Parent teacher conferences part 2

Today was busy.

I had Sam's pictures scheduled at 12:40 (yeah I'm only about 2 months behind getting them done for her birthday) then since we had it them done at Target we went to pick up a couple things there. We then had lunch at target! I needed to drop of Sam's forms (questionnaires) to the ADHD clinic to be prepared for her appointment next week so we did that next. Then we went to Toys R Us. Sam had her $3 gift card from the TRU birthday card she received that has been burning a hole in her pocket! We spent about 2 hours there!! usually that would be a stressful trip but they all did great. The boys had to play with the wooden train set they have set up in the store for the kids. They did that for a long time. We checked out Halloween goodies, and explored several isles! Finally when Sam decided what she wanted we went home and ate. I had Max's parent teacher conference at 6 tonight.

His conference went smooth. I love his resource teacher so that is always a big plus. She seems to have MAX's best interest in her decisions. His behavior, they say, is improving at school. That is always good to hear. His speech teacher wants someone else to come in and observe Max. She has tried so many different things and he still just doesn't do a lot of talking. She wants a new set of ears to see if they have any more suggestions for her. So that is also good.

Starting next week all of 3rd grade will have homework binders to do every night. Oh joy! His resource teacher is modifying all of Max's stuff. So we brainstormed some ideas for that tonight.

That is about it. Overall good day with school being out.

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Debbie @ Three Weddings said...

I realized today I totally forgot to go to conferences at the high school. Diva's went fine. Peanut's teacher is on maternity leave so we won't have her conference until her teacher returns in November.