Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Pictures of Max for Down syndrome awareness month

Remember I said my brother got married a few weeks ago? Well he did. The wedding was outside and it was HOT that day. Joe was a ring-barrier and had to wear a tux. He didn't stay in it long. I'll have more pictures but for now here is Max.

Remember he likes to do goofy things as the camera flashes!

However, he saw me about to take his picture with his baby cousin and he smiled pretty. That is, of course, after he picked up his baby cousin to pose for the picture! Max LOVES babies.

He also likes tissue paper. So while a couple of my nephews were rocking the house with their dance moves Max was watching his tissue paper twirl in the breeze.

Sam come out of school with a lost tooth today. This time she had the tooth though! Man, that thing is tiny. And I have NO cash right now. I guess I'll have to go by the bank or borrow from a piggy bank! Her 2nd tooth lost. She already knows the tooth fairy is not real. She plays along though. I'll have pictures of that soon, hopefully.

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