Saturday, October 16, 2010

Sam and her 2nd tooth lost

The other day Sam lost her 2nd tooth at school.

The first night she lost her lost tooth so the tooth fairy did not make it over. She knows the tooth is not real so no biggie.
The 2nd night she had her tooth under the pillow. The "tooth fairy" came and took her tooth leaving her a dollar bill in it's place.

(ignore the oreo cookies all over her teeth here...)

The next morning she was not that happy. She demanded her tooth back. She was unimpressed by a 1 dollar bill. So after a little bit we exchanged back. I have the $1 and she has her tooth. Spoiled girl!

I'm sure she will change her mind at some point.

Her replacement tooth is already in, as you can kinda see in this picture. Not the most flattering picture but you get the point.

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