Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thursday, day 14 of Down syndrome awareness month

It's too nice outside to not be out there right now. So this post will be quick.

Today Joe went on a field trip with all the Kindergartners. He is used to half days... Afternoon time. He doesn't go to sleep till 12-1 am. Knowing he would be getting up early I tired to get him to bed early last night. It wasn't happening. And it didn't. He went to sleep around 1. However, he had no problems getting up this morning and getting ready. He must have been excited.

He got out of school an hour early compared to the rest of the school. When the bus arrived and all the kids got out, Joe was fast asleep in his teachers arms. I figured he would fall asleep on the bus. Max has always done that for field trips as well.

Last night Sam cried and cried because she lost her lost tooth. She could not even focus on homework because of her tooth. So I just sent her to bed after about an hour of crying and mumbling while she was supposed to be reading to me. She thought she lost her tooth (in a baggie) up stairs in our bedroom. I looked last night after sending her to bed but I never found it. This morning while getting breakfast and lunches ready guess what was sitting on the stove? Yeah, her tooth in her baggie. She can't keep up with anything! Tooth fairy did not visit last night. I guess tonight she will. Hopefully a lesson in not losing important things. I seriously doubt it though!

Ike is obsessed with wearing his Halloween costume... ALL day long, every day. I'll share more about what he will be later on. I need to get pictures of something first.

Max is doing just fine. He is such a couch potato though. While me and all the other kids are outside, max is inside sitting on his booty most times. If we go to the park he is fine playing and running around. But seriously, I'm not going to the park every single day.

I am loving this fall weather we are having. I have been outside a lot lately. I couple weekends ago I re-did one of our flower beds completely. The back of me legs were sore from digging so much. This week I trimmed a lot of our tree in the backyard. (much to Pete's disapprovment!) Today my upper back and arms are a little sore. I did lots of sawing, with a hand saw. I think it looks much better. The thing was hanging down so low I could barely mow under it. Pete was not too happy that I chopped off so much and did it while the season is still early. Oh well, the tree will live.

I have also extended my strawberry patch this year so hopefully next year I will have tons of strawberries. I also put in a raspberry, blueberry and blackberry patch. The raspberries were free from my in-laws rental property they were clearing out. I have tried raspberries several times but they never make it. Cross your fingers these make it. About half look like they will do fine but the other half, not so much. I am hoping they spread next Spring. I saw blueberries at Lowes so I am trying those for the first time. I only have 2 bushes so I'll see how they do. I was told the soil around here is not acidic enough for them to do well. The blackberries I ordered off Ebay and actually look really good. I ordered 3 but got 5. score! I got those planted last night. I have one more spot I want to do something with in the back yard. I am really thinking about a fruit cocktail tree. It has plums, peaches, nectarines and apricots all in one. I have found a couple online. I would rather buy it locally. Home depot did not have any. I have not checked elsewhere yet. It may have to wait until Spring. One article I read said Spring was the time to transplant them. Still deciding on that.

OK, maybe not such a short blog post.

Max, Sam and Joe have their dentist appointments tomorrow. pray for us! Sometimes it goes great and others, not so much!

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Karen said...

You're so ambitious - I need to take a page out of your book. I'm jealous of all your gardening. It seems that I've stuck in the sewing room too often to be outside.