Wednesday, November 24, 2010

How's your day?

Around noon today Sam hurt her ankle. Not the same one she hurt back in May parachuting down the steps with a plastic bag. It did involve the same steps though. She left a hard hat (dress up) at the bottom of the stairs. She must have just been wearing it b/c it wasn't there much before this happened. She somehow tripped on it and then her foot hit it. She was screaming/crying. I actually thought it was Ike with that much whiney cry going on. I was in the kitchen making something when this all went down. I carried her to the couch and told her to just relax. She can be somewhat dramatic. I wasn't sure if it was 'real' or not. I waited a bit to see if she would walk on it. She didn't. She did crawl around and hop on one foot. I called my doctor around 1. My doctor has an in-house Xray where hers does not. We had a 2:30 appointment time.

As we are driving over there I can tell my car is acting weird. I'm trying to decide if it's just me or maybe the car is just cold still or if something really is wrong with it. Then my 'check engine soon' light comes on. I was guessing it was a cylinder ignition coil. They go out ALL the stickin'e time so I can tell what it feels like. I called the car mechanic and asked if I could come by around 3:30ish.

At the doctors office the kids all act like they are wild animals. Fighting, screaming, hitting, pushing, crying, etc... an X-ray later we are told Sam probably has a hairline fracture. But it was hard to tell so they will try a walking cast for a week and then re-X-ray it. From there she may be fine or she may need more orthopedics. To get the cast we have to go else where. They aren't that close so I was trying to figure out what to do. I called the ortho place that took care of her arm back when she broke that. They did not have what we needed but their other store did. 2 stores have it but both are about the same distance. About that time Pete called and said he was about to leave work. I filled him in at that time.

I went ahead and went to the car place. Pete came by and picked up Sam. They went and took care of the cast while me and the boys waited on the car. I was right, ignition coil, cylinder 1. Gosh, I'm good! It took about 1 1/2 hours. I think it may be record. While paying for the car Ike and Max kept fighting over the water fountain. Max was picking on Ike and pushing him away from it every time he tried to get a drink. Did I forget to mention the kids acted like wild animals there as well? Well, they did!

Max pushed a little too hard and Ike flung into the corner of the glass coffee table they have there. Ike had blood around his nose and mouth. Poor Ike. His lip was getting bigger by the second. Ike said, "it hurts really bad!" I only could see a cut on his outer lip and nothing too bad. However, I know there is another cut somewhere with the blood involved. Poor little Ike. We left and headed to McDonald's to get an ice cream cone for him. He fell asleep before we got there. He is still sleeping and I haven't got a good look into his mouth yet. I am really hoping an ER visit is not in our plans for the evening. I'll check him out better once he wakes up and give him his ice cream cone, which is waiting in the freezer for him.

The car... Just Sunday afternoon we had to get the alternator and battery replaced on the way home from St. Louis. That was fun too. I'll write about that later on.

For now.... Happy Thanksgiving Everyone. Enjoy your Turkey day with friends and family.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Lera and Reece's Rainbow

There is a sweet little girl who has lost her forever family a couple times. Her name is Lera. Right now her new family is trying to raise money to get her home. They will be doing a drawing, giving away an Ipod Touch to the lucky winner, for anyone who donates to their chip-in.

Click HERE to see the details.


Don't forget about the Reece's Rainbow Christmas Angel Tree.

Monday, November 15, 2010


As most of you know, by reading my blog, that homework is a huge struggle with Sam. I started to question Attention Deficit Disorder last school year. Some people agreed with me and others not so much.

At Sam's 7 year check-up with the pediatrician I brought the subject up. It helped that Sam refused to do ANYTHING the nurses or doctor wanted her to do. It is hard to explain but she gets in these fits, so to speak, where she just flat out refuses to do something. It has happened at the doctors office a few times and while getting her pictures taken a few times. I have no idea what causes this. Anxiety? I don't know, but she acts like a 2 year old. The doctor agreed, she needed to see somebody! She referred us to the ADHD clinic of Children's Mercy Hospital.

The clinic sent us a ton of paperwork to fill out, by each parent and by the teacher. I took her into her first appointment. They collected a ton more info to make sure she would fit the criteria. I was told it looks like she could have ADHD. So we got the second appointment. That was supposed to be 2 hours long! It was rescheduled 3 times by them. I had it worked out so the grandparents could be here to watch Joe and Ike.... for the first scheduled appointment. The final appointment date the grandparents were gonna be traveling so I took Ike along with me. It worked out so that Joe was at school. Before we had the appointment though, we had 2 tons of paperwork to fill out! Every single detail since her conception, I think! The appointment itself was not that bad and wasn't even 2 hours long.

We left that appointment with a "I do believe she has ADHD, the inattentive type" and a prescription for some medicine. They recommend I also get further testing, as in an IQ test. Which I had asked for last year but the school did not recommend it.

I started her meds over the weekend to make sure there was not any crazy side effects. I didn't notice a difference at all. It is a low dose and we weren't working on homework. But doing homework tonight I noticed no difference either. So more than likely, her dose will get increased.

So here comes some fun stuff. I plan on homeschooling Sam after Christmas. Schools take forever to get anything done, as far as meetings and testing. I emailed Max's awesome resource teacher with several questions. That was on a Thursday I think. She had a meeting set up for us on Monday! That was fast! She knows I want this to go fast since Sam will not be there much longer. She is the best teacher ever.

I have unofficially told school my plans on homeschooling after Christmas. Only because Sam shares the news with anyone that will listen. So instead of it being rumors I at least let them know. I have not registered my school yet only because Kansas requires a school name. Yes, it can be generic and just the last name or anything you want it to be. However, Pete is rather creative with names so I asked for suggestions. We are still working on it. He came up with some huge, long name that involved Steven Hawkins institute. I will pass on that one!! I do have all my curriculum though. Some days Sam looks forward to it and others she does not. She loves social activities.

OK, back on track here... So we had our meeting today to get everything started for IQ testing and whatever testing we deemed appropriate. The school psychologist was going on about how this time of year stuff doesn't move that fast (due to holidays and parties and such). The resource teacher stressed that we needed to do it quickly since Sam would not be there in January. Hopefully we can get the ball rolling on it. They said they think they can do but we may have to meet after Christmas to discuss results if that was OK with me. Fine with me. The principal was in the meeting as well as the classroom teacher (who is a long term sub and has been there maybe a month), and the school counselor. And then of course the resource teacher and school psychologist were there too. I got asked a few questions about homeschooling. What if the tests shows she does have a learning disability? Would I still plan on homeschooling? The principal also asked questions like this but finally added that he really wants her to stay AT school. He asked if I would keep an open mind depending on the test results. I said, of course. However, I'm pretty sure he meant for me to keep her there if the tests shows learning disability and I meant I will keep an open mind about options to help her besides homeschooling... but whatever. I do have an open mind but my mind is pretty set on homeschooling her for awhile. He said we would have a serious talk depending on what the tests show. He seemed pretty anti-homeschooling. I can understand that. After all, he is a principal of a public school. If everyone homeschooled he would have no job.

Right now, I truly believe homeschooling Sam will help her academically. She struggles SO much. She can't keep up with her peers in class. Why keep her there and hurt her self-confidence? Some of the core curriculum I bought is below her level. This is because I want to, 1, build her confidence back up and 2, to make sure she knows the basic stuff. I plan on moving through those parts rather long as she knows the stuff!

Last week I got a call from the schools music teacher. I don't recall this teacher ever saying anything to me for the last 6 years the school has been open. We have emailed a couple times just because I would have a question regarding the talent show. So she called me up saying how Sam had told her she was not returning after Christmas. The 2nd grade musical is in February. She asked if I would reconsider keeping Sam at school at least until the 2nd week in February. Too funny. Forget the fact that Sam can barely read but as long as she can be in the musical that's all that counts right?! I told her my plans and if school would allow Sam to be in the musical then that would be fine with me but that I doubt school would agree with it. She said she would ask and I haven't heard back. She did try some serious convincing though, for Sam to stay at school until the musical.

I am somewhat surprised at peoples reactions to homeschooling. Family I have talked to about homeschooling have all been supportive. That was even before my final decision. Just when I would mention the idea of it they would chime in and say how they think I would do great job at homeschooling. Last year my mom had even suggested it to me. She thought I would be really good at it. My mother in law has always said she thinks I would make an excellent teacher. But some people in public/doctors offices really seem to not be all for it. Not that they say anything but I can just tell from body language. Which is fine, we are all entitled to our own opinions, I am just a little surprised at the reactions.

Edited to add: maybe some family members aren't so supportive! Just sayin'

Thursday, November 11, 2010

capturing that smile.

Trying to get a good picture can be tricky. It usually only happens by chance. I keep trying though!

Here is my sweetie eating one of the few items he will eat. An onion bagel.

Too bad his head is so turned to one side.

Chunky bagel smile, anyone?
Oh, maybe you want a bite? Well too bad. I was just showing it to you. I'm not sharing my food!

Here is one of max's favorite poses. Sticking his tongue out. Food and all!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

attempting to receive a diagnose

Today Sam has an appointment. It is her second appointment with the ADHD clinic of Children's Mercy Hospital. This appointment is supposed to take 2 hours. It will give the doctors involved more time to observe and talk with her. The first appointment I was told that it does look like she more than likely has ADD. I'm pretty sure she has it. Trying to do homework with her is torture. Trying to have her get ready in the morning sounds like a broken record... Have you combed your hair yet? Get your shoes and socks on your feet. Comb your hair. Get your reading folder. Didn't I already tell you to comb your hair? Brush your teeth. Shoes & Socks! Why have you not combed your hair?? repeat any one of those lines and chances are I say it about 50 times each morning.

I started a list for her and Max a few weeks ago. It has roughly 7 things on the list. It is even laminated so they can't throw them away to easily! It is what they must do each morning. As in, get dressed, use the bathroom, (brush hair-- for Sam), eat, brush teeth, shoes & socks, reading folder (for Sam)/get glasses (for Max). Max did great on this list... for about 3 days! He would even be ready early. Sam never liked it. Now neither one will really use it. I thought it would help for them to have their lists and not have to listen to me say the same things over and over everyday.

Sam has been making us late to school lately because she will not comb her hair or get her shoes on. So last week I started a new rule. If she makes us late she has to clean a room after school. That may sound harsh but seriously, all the stuff is hers! She is SO messy. Even trying to get her to clean after school takes 1-2 hours because she messes around so much. It drives me crazy. Yesterday she had the dining room floor to clean. She made a "bed" the other day in the floor and it still was there. It included blankets and pillows. Then since she claimed this as "her bed" she figured she could leave it as messy as she wanted. She had tons of artwork on top of this pile along with card making materials, jewelry, markers, paper, yarn, even crayons shavings from sharpening crayons on it. Then scattered around the table she had 2 pairs of shoes, socks, pants, towels, trash, and plenty of toys. It drives me crazy at times!

OK, back to ADD. what will it mean if she is diagnosed? Probably not much. First things that are tried are behavior modification techniques. From there meds are tried. A friend told me her daughter tried several different meds before they found one that worked. She also said a lot of them made things worse!!

Some big news to share about Sam.... After Christmas she will be homeschooled. I'm only homeschooling her, not Max or Joe. Pray for it to work smoothly and give me lots and lots of patience!! I'm told I'm such an easy going patient person but Lord help me when I have to repeat myself a thousand times before something gets done!! Seriously though, I am hoping the one-on-one will help her tremendously.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Fall school pictures

Usually for school pictures Sam has given me a gem! This year she did much better! However, I think Joe got the memo to make some goofy face. Now his is not that bad but that is not his smile!

Here are the Fall 2010 school pictures.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Halloween 2010

Halloween this year....

The Mario gang
We have Princess Peach (bundled in a coat!), Luigi, Toad and Mario
We went trick-or-treating this year. It was kinda cold. Sam was the smart one to be bundled in a coat! I forgot to put Luigi's gloves on and forgot to put the mustaches on Mario and Luigi. Oh well. They still looked cute!

I had to make Sam's dress. I have since found out why you do not wash prom dresses! They come out really wrinkled and not so pretty. I did wait though until after halloween to try this. It didn't really matter at this point b/c it is now just for dress up fun. I also made Luigi, Mario, and Toad's hats as well has Toad's vest.

The kids all loved their costumes.

Princess Peach digging into her goodies

Toad about to check his out.
Mario fall asleep on the way home. Daddy was carrying him and they went straight home while the rest of us stopped at a friends house. By the time we got home Mario was up and half way undressed. But here is Mario checking out his goodies.
Luigi and his loot.... And his beloved DS!!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Fall time

So a few weeks ago the weather got cooler. My veggie plants did not get the memo. Which is fine with me!! here are some tomatoes from last week....
The tomato plants do not look pretty but they still have tomatoes on them. The pepper plants, last week, were still nice and green, bushy and loaded with peppers.

Even the ones I had planted in a planter on the deck were doing good.
I did cover them one night because it was going to be close to 31 degrees.

Last night I read the weather at about 11 or 12 and noticed the low was 29! So I quickly went out and covered my 2 pepper plant areas. It did get down to at least 29 last night. Some of my other plants show this today! The peppers are still kickin'. The tops of the big one don't look that great but I think the rest of the plant is fine. Tonight the same thing-- it's gonna be cold. But after that it should warm back up just a little.

I think this is the longest I have had veggie plants live. The pepper plants are still loaded! I hate thinking they will all die. I plan on picking them all within a few days.... And hope they are all OK after the cold weather. The tomatoes I think are done. I did pick all the red and orange ones this afternoon. There are still plenty of green ones but sadly, they will not make it.

This year as been a great tomato and pepper year. Hopefully next year will be the same.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Joe and Sam go through A LOT of paper doing 'artwork.' They leave this paper everywhere. Every room in the house has paper, I'm pretty sure.

On Saturday Max saw me picking up these mountains of papers off the dining room floor and figured I must be getting ready to vacuum. I really wasn't but whatever. Max quickly picked up everything out of the floor and laid it on the table. He got the vacuum, plugged it in and starting working. Gosh, I love him! Max kept vacuuming over one little spot that was under "his" computer area. It was not coming up. He got me to show this spot to me. I told him that the spot is something that would not vacuum up, and to not worry about it. Oh but no, He was stuck on it. Why? Not sure. The spot was very little. Maybe about 1/4 of an inch. Why was he not concerned about the huge ketchup stain in the living room floor? He turned the vacuum off and got the steam vac out.

He drug the steam vac up the stairs and plugged it in. Seriously, Max, I don't want to clean the carpets because of that itty bitty spot you found. Max was not happy. So I finally got the steam vac ready for him. He really likes using the attachment hose. I handed it over and he got busy. Once that spot was gone he moved on and starting working on the rest of room.

I finished it up and decided since it's out I'll tackle that huge ketchup spot. It came out no problems, By the way. I went ahead and cleaned the living room floor while I was at it.

Today is day 4 that the carpet was cleaned. So far it has had a puddle of pee on it (nobody claimed it!), more ketchup (oh yay!), someone's dirty butt that was not wiped too good, (top of stairs skidmark... you know, sit down to put on clean undies and leave evidence!), fruit punch, Dr. Pepper, dog poop, and puke. I am so glad I just cleaned the carpets!

Saturday afternoon we went to Boo at the Zoo at the Kansas City zoo. Afterwords we went to eat dinner. We generally go out to eat after the zoo. We went to Fazoli's. That is the first time we have ever gone there as a family. I used to go there when I lived in Springfield and worked close to them. Pete has been there as well. This Summer I took the kids there a couple times. However, we have never ALL gone together.

Monday morning (well noonish), I went to get my coupon book. I noticed my purse was missing and wondered where the heck it could be. The last place I remember it was at Fazoli's. I called them up and sure enough it was there. It only took my 2 days to realize my purse was gone! At least it was there and everything was still in it. They said they were wondering when I would call for it!

Last night while doing homework with Sam she told me that she didn't want to go the school the next day. She said she told on 3 boys for bothering her and they got in trouble. One of the boys is our neighbor. Her and him get along just fine. Yesteday after school the neighbor boy told her that one of the boys planned on "paying her back" the next day. Homework took forever last night by the way.

Next morning Sam didn't want to go to school. She claimed her stomach hurt. Yeah, nice try. Get up! After much nagging from me she got up. She ate about 2 bites. She wanted me to take her temperature. It was about 99.5. I went ahead and told her to go back to bed but if she was up running around she was going to school the same time Joe was. About an hour later she was sitting at the table. Then all of sudden she puked all over the carpet! (hence the puke on the carpet from up above). She pretty much acts fine though.

Isn't the little things in life fun??!!

Monday, November 1, 2010

It's over

October is over and I didn't get to post on the last day of the month. Oh well, that's life!

Here is one last picture for Down syndrome awareness month. A self-portrait of my mister Max

I know, cute as can be!

I do have Halloween pics but will post those later. For now, I wanted to remind everyone that today is November 1st. Which means Reece's Rainbow Angel Tree starts today. It goes through December. Take a look at all these precious little kiddos with Down syndrome that need to be adopted. If you are not looking to adopt, please consider donating to one (or more!) of these sweeties. The money you donate will help another family out when they are in process of adopting their child (or children).

Reece's Rainbow
Reece's Rainbow Angel Tree