Monday, November 15, 2010


As most of you know, by reading my blog, that homework is a huge struggle with Sam. I started to question Attention Deficit Disorder last school year. Some people agreed with me and others not so much.

At Sam's 7 year check-up with the pediatrician I brought the subject up. It helped that Sam refused to do ANYTHING the nurses or doctor wanted her to do. It is hard to explain but she gets in these fits, so to speak, where she just flat out refuses to do something. It has happened at the doctors office a few times and while getting her pictures taken a few times. I have no idea what causes this. Anxiety? I don't know, but she acts like a 2 year old. The doctor agreed, she needed to see somebody! She referred us to the ADHD clinic of Children's Mercy Hospital.

The clinic sent us a ton of paperwork to fill out, by each parent and by the teacher. I took her into her first appointment. They collected a ton more info to make sure she would fit the criteria. I was told it looks like she could have ADHD. So we got the second appointment. That was supposed to be 2 hours long! It was rescheduled 3 times by them. I had it worked out so the grandparents could be here to watch Joe and Ike.... for the first scheduled appointment. The final appointment date the grandparents were gonna be traveling so I took Ike along with me. It worked out so that Joe was at school. Before we had the appointment though, we had 2 tons of paperwork to fill out! Every single detail since her conception, I think! The appointment itself was not that bad and wasn't even 2 hours long.

We left that appointment with a "I do believe she has ADHD, the inattentive type" and a prescription for some medicine. They recommend I also get further testing, as in an IQ test. Which I had asked for last year but the school did not recommend it.

I started her meds over the weekend to make sure there was not any crazy side effects. I didn't notice a difference at all. It is a low dose and we weren't working on homework. But doing homework tonight I noticed no difference either. So more than likely, her dose will get increased.

So here comes some fun stuff. I plan on homeschooling Sam after Christmas. Schools take forever to get anything done, as far as meetings and testing. I emailed Max's awesome resource teacher with several questions. That was on a Thursday I think. She had a meeting set up for us on Monday! That was fast! She knows I want this to go fast since Sam will not be there much longer. She is the best teacher ever.

I have unofficially told school my plans on homeschooling after Christmas. Only because Sam shares the news with anyone that will listen. So instead of it being rumors I at least let them know. I have not registered my school yet only because Kansas requires a school name. Yes, it can be generic and just the last name or anything you want it to be. However, Pete is rather creative with names so I asked for suggestions. We are still working on it. He came up with some huge, long name that involved Steven Hawkins institute. I will pass on that one!! I do have all my curriculum though. Some days Sam looks forward to it and others she does not. She loves social activities.

OK, back on track here... So we had our meeting today to get everything started for IQ testing and whatever testing we deemed appropriate. The school psychologist was going on about how this time of year stuff doesn't move that fast (due to holidays and parties and such). The resource teacher stressed that we needed to do it quickly since Sam would not be there in January. Hopefully we can get the ball rolling on it. They said they think they can do but we may have to meet after Christmas to discuss results if that was OK with me. Fine with me. The principal was in the meeting as well as the classroom teacher (who is a long term sub and has been there maybe a month), and the school counselor. And then of course the resource teacher and school psychologist were there too. I got asked a few questions about homeschooling. What if the tests shows she does have a learning disability? Would I still plan on homeschooling? The principal also asked questions like this but finally added that he really wants her to stay AT school. He asked if I would keep an open mind depending on the test results. I said, of course. However, I'm pretty sure he meant for me to keep her there if the tests shows learning disability and I meant I will keep an open mind about options to help her besides homeschooling... but whatever. I do have an open mind but my mind is pretty set on homeschooling her for awhile. He said we would have a serious talk depending on what the tests show. He seemed pretty anti-homeschooling. I can understand that. After all, he is a principal of a public school. If everyone homeschooled he would have no job.

Right now, I truly believe homeschooling Sam will help her academically. She struggles SO much. She can't keep up with her peers in class. Why keep her there and hurt her self-confidence? Some of the core curriculum I bought is below her level. This is because I want to, 1, build her confidence back up and 2, to make sure she knows the basic stuff. I plan on moving through those parts rather long as she knows the stuff!

Last week I got a call from the schools music teacher. I don't recall this teacher ever saying anything to me for the last 6 years the school has been open. We have emailed a couple times just because I would have a question regarding the talent show. So she called me up saying how Sam had told her she was not returning after Christmas. The 2nd grade musical is in February. She asked if I would reconsider keeping Sam at school at least until the 2nd week in February. Too funny. Forget the fact that Sam can barely read but as long as she can be in the musical that's all that counts right?! I told her my plans and if school would allow Sam to be in the musical then that would be fine with me but that I doubt school would agree with it. She said she would ask and I haven't heard back. She did try some serious convincing though, for Sam to stay at school until the musical.

I am somewhat surprised at peoples reactions to homeschooling. Family I have talked to about homeschooling have all been supportive. That was even before my final decision. Just when I would mention the idea of it they would chime in and say how they think I would do great job at homeschooling. Last year my mom had even suggested it to me. She thought I would be really good at it. My mother in law has always said she thinks I would make an excellent teacher. But some people in public/doctors offices really seem to not be all for it. Not that they say anything but I can just tell from body language. Which is fine, we are all entitled to our own opinions, I am just a little surprised at the reactions.

Edited to add: maybe some family members aren't so supportive! Just sayin'


Karen said...

You'll be an awesome homeschool mom. Don't be discouraged by the school.

Christine said...

Eavluations are a long process-- we just began it with Alex, but in the end answers should be made clear. As a mom who just began homeschooling, Ithink you will enjoy it. It has taken a few weeks to get into a routine, but things are going great!

Sharon said...

I think follow your heart, sounds like you know what to do! Wishing you all the best. I'll be interested to read how it's going, I have heaps of admiration for homeschooling mums.

AZ Chapman said...

I think u can do it maybe u guys can go watch the play If sam ends up getting NVLD u know where to find me