Saturday, November 6, 2010

Halloween 2010

Halloween this year....

The Mario gang
We have Princess Peach (bundled in a coat!), Luigi, Toad and Mario
We went trick-or-treating this year. It was kinda cold. Sam was the smart one to be bundled in a coat! I forgot to put Luigi's gloves on and forgot to put the mustaches on Mario and Luigi. Oh well. They still looked cute!

I had to make Sam's dress. I have since found out why you do not wash prom dresses! They come out really wrinkled and not so pretty. I did wait though until after halloween to try this. It didn't really matter at this point b/c it is now just for dress up fun. I also made Luigi, Mario, and Toad's hats as well has Toad's vest.

The kids all loved their costumes.

Princess Peach digging into her goodies

Toad about to check his out.
Mario fall asleep on the way home. Daddy was carrying him and they went straight home while the rest of us stopped at a friends house. By the time we got home Mario was up and half way undressed. But here is Mario checking out his goodies.
Luigi and his loot.... And his beloved DS!!

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amber malmberg said...

ADORABLE halloween costumes!
So creative!