Wednesday, November 24, 2010

How's your day?

Around noon today Sam hurt her ankle. Not the same one she hurt back in May parachuting down the steps with a plastic bag. It did involve the same steps though. She left a hard hat (dress up) at the bottom of the stairs. She must have just been wearing it b/c it wasn't there much before this happened. She somehow tripped on it and then her foot hit it. She was screaming/crying. I actually thought it was Ike with that much whiney cry going on. I was in the kitchen making something when this all went down. I carried her to the couch and told her to just relax. She can be somewhat dramatic. I wasn't sure if it was 'real' or not. I waited a bit to see if she would walk on it. She didn't. She did crawl around and hop on one foot. I called my doctor around 1. My doctor has an in-house Xray where hers does not. We had a 2:30 appointment time.

As we are driving over there I can tell my car is acting weird. I'm trying to decide if it's just me or maybe the car is just cold still or if something really is wrong with it. Then my 'check engine soon' light comes on. I was guessing it was a cylinder ignition coil. They go out ALL the stickin'e time so I can tell what it feels like. I called the car mechanic and asked if I could come by around 3:30ish.

At the doctors office the kids all act like they are wild animals. Fighting, screaming, hitting, pushing, crying, etc... an X-ray later we are told Sam probably has a hairline fracture. But it was hard to tell so they will try a walking cast for a week and then re-X-ray it. From there she may be fine or she may need more orthopedics. To get the cast we have to go else where. They aren't that close so I was trying to figure out what to do. I called the ortho place that took care of her arm back when she broke that. They did not have what we needed but their other store did. 2 stores have it but both are about the same distance. About that time Pete called and said he was about to leave work. I filled him in at that time.

I went ahead and went to the car place. Pete came by and picked up Sam. They went and took care of the cast while me and the boys waited on the car. I was right, ignition coil, cylinder 1. Gosh, I'm good! It took about 1 1/2 hours. I think it may be record. While paying for the car Ike and Max kept fighting over the water fountain. Max was picking on Ike and pushing him away from it every time he tried to get a drink. Did I forget to mention the kids acted like wild animals there as well? Well, they did!

Max pushed a little too hard and Ike flung into the corner of the glass coffee table they have there. Ike had blood around his nose and mouth. Poor Ike. His lip was getting bigger by the second. Ike said, "it hurts really bad!" I only could see a cut on his outer lip and nothing too bad. However, I know there is another cut somewhere with the blood involved. Poor little Ike. We left and headed to McDonald's to get an ice cream cone for him. He fell asleep before we got there. He is still sleeping and I haven't got a good look into his mouth yet. I am really hoping an ER visit is not in our plans for the evening. I'll check him out better once he wakes up and give him his ice cream cone, which is waiting in the freezer for him.

The car... Just Sunday afternoon we had to get the alternator and battery replaced on the way home from St. Louis. That was fun too. I'll write about that later on.

For now.... Happy Thanksgiving Everyone. Enjoy your Turkey day with friends and family.

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Karen said...

Good heavens, what a day! Poor kiddos. And poor you.