Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Joe and Sam go through A LOT of paper doing 'artwork.' They leave this paper everywhere. Every room in the house has paper, I'm pretty sure.

On Saturday Max saw me picking up these mountains of papers off the dining room floor and figured I must be getting ready to vacuum. I really wasn't but whatever. Max quickly picked up everything out of the floor and laid it on the table. He got the vacuum, plugged it in and starting working. Gosh, I love him! Max kept vacuuming over one little spot that was under "his" computer area. It was not coming up. He got me to show this spot to me. I told him that the spot is something that would not vacuum up, and to not worry about it. Oh but no, He was stuck on it. Why? Not sure. The spot was very little. Maybe about 1/4 of an inch. Why was he not concerned about the huge ketchup stain in the living room floor? He turned the vacuum off and got the steam vac out.

He drug the steam vac up the stairs and plugged it in. Seriously, Max, I don't want to clean the carpets because of that itty bitty spot you found. Max was not happy. So I finally got the steam vac ready for him. He really likes using the attachment hose. I handed it over and he got busy. Once that spot was gone he moved on and starting working on the rest of room.

I finished it up and decided since it's out I'll tackle that huge ketchup spot. It came out no problems, By the way. I went ahead and cleaned the living room floor while I was at it.

Today is day 4 that the carpet was cleaned. So far it has had a puddle of pee on it (nobody claimed it!), more ketchup (oh yay!), someone's dirty butt that was not wiped too good, (top of stairs skidmark... you know, sit down to put on clean undies and leave evidence!), fruit punch, Dr. Pepper, dog poop, and puke. I am so glad I just cleaned the carpets!

Saturday afternoon we went to Boo at the Zoo at the Kansas City zoo. Afterwords we went to eat dinner. We generally go out to eat after the zoo. We went to Fazoli's. That is the first time we have ever gone there as a family. I used to go there when I lived in Springfield and worked close to them. Pete has been there as well. This Summer I took the kids there a couple times. However, we have never ALL gone together.

Monday morning (well noonish), I went to get my coupon book. I noticed my purse was missing and wondered where the heck it could be. The last place I remember it was at Fazoli's. I called them up and sure enough it was there. It only took my 2 days to realize my purse was gone! At least it was there and everything was still in it. They said they were wondering when I would call for it!

Last night while doing homework with Sam she told me that she didn't want to go the school the next day. She said she told on 3 boys for bothering her and they got in trouble. One of the boys is our neighbor. Her and him get along just fine. Yesteday after school the neighbor boy told her that one of the boys planned on "paying her back" the next day. Homework took forever last night by the way.

Next morning Sam didn't want to go to school. She claimed her stomach hurt. Yeah, nice try. Get up! After much nagging from me she got up. She ate about 2 bites. She wanted me to take her temperature. It was about 99.5. I went ahead and told her to go back to bed but if she was up running around she was going to school the same time Joe was. About an hour later she was sitting at the table. Then all of sudden she puked all over the carpet! (hence the puke on the carpet from up above). She pretty much acts fine though.

Isn't the little things in life fun??!!


Karen said...

Hey, it's a page from my book! I'm so glad I'm not the only one with skid marks on my carpet from unwiped butts. I'm sorry for your "interesting" week.

Debbie @ Three Weddings said...

Ah, ain't motherhood grand!? Hope Sam is feeling better. Chuck E Cheese in 2 weeks! Another parenting joy. Hope to see you there!