Wednesday, December 29, 2010

It may appear...

... as that I have fallen off the face of the Earth. But really, I am still here! Not sure how it has been so long since I posted. Oh well. Hope everyone had a great Christmas and got to enjoy it with family or people you love.

I have been somewhat playing catch up reading other blogs. Not quite there yet.

Sam did get glasses. Her vision was 20/50 without them. She wears them some. I'm sure it takes awhile getting used to them.
They look good on her though.

Her foot... Sam broke her ankle and has had to get it X-rayed several times. 2 weeks ago we had it X-rayed. The lady we saw thought it looked healed enough and that Sam could go without her boot unless it started bothering her. So she got to wear her new glasses and go without her boot on her last day of school. We went to my parents house for that weekend to celebrate Christmas and she did not have to wear her boot.

Monday afternoon I got a call from the doctors office. The radiologist thought Sam should wear her boot for another 2 weeks and then again have it re-X-rayed. I guess the expert thought her foot was not quite ready to go without that support. Nice. We got used to going without for 3-4 days and Sam did just fine. Now I was being told she needs to wear it again! grrr! Truthfully, Sam has worn it about 2 times since then. I know, I know! She has been fine though. Even the last week (or 2) while she was wearing it she only had to wear it at school or during the day. In the evening she could take it off and help strengthen it. Honestly, it should have probably been the other way around! It is at home when she does all her crazy stunts not at school.

Remember last time I blogged I said it looked pretty bruised? This is a picture 2 weeks after she hurt it. A full 2 weeks! It was also still swollen at that point. I know a little hard to see bruising in a picture...

I have tons to blog about but not tons of time. I will try to get some post up in the next few days.

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Debbie @ Three Weddings said...

She does look cute in her glasses! The teen is going to be getting glasses as soon as we get to 2011 and she is on dad's insurance.