Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sam's last week at school

This following week will be Sam's last week in public school. Starting January I will be homeschooling her. I don't think she is really that excited about it. I am though. I hope we find our groove quickly and she excels in her academic work. Partly to feel like "Ha- I told you so" towards some people but mostly just for Sam. I want her to feel confident in whatever she does and actually know the stuff she is working on.

Friday are the school's "winter" parties. I think Friday may be a hard day for Sam. Hopefully she gets over it fast though.

The school nurse said Sam failed her vision test twice and that she should be seen by the eye doctor. I took her and Joe in on Friday. Joe's vision was fine. Sam was a little nearsighted but not too bad. The Dr left it up to me if I wanted to get glasses for her. She said Sam would definitely see better with them. So we picked some out and should have them within a week or 2. I think Sam is excited. We got home and Pete asked what her vision was. I think the Dr said 20/30. To which Pete said Sam does not need glasses for that. If her vision is really 20/30 he wants me to cancel the order. Maybe the dr said 20/50? I'm not sure, I'll call them Monday. But really I think we will be getting them anyway. With insurance they only cost $20. That's it, $20. Not bad! Mine cost way more than that with our insurance. Even Max's cost more. His are bi-focal though. Speaking of which, Max goes to his eye dr in about 2 weeks. I think he needs new glasses. His seem way too small for his face.

Today we actually have snow on the ground. Not much but enough for the kids to want to go play outside. I bundled them up and sent them out. It is very cold out there today. They had fun, even if it's not enough to even do anything with!

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