Saturday, January 22, 2011

About a month ago...

...We celebrated Christmas at my parents house. Yeah, I may be a tad bit late getting Christmas pictures up! I won't post too many. Promise!

My sweeties...

Ike got some hex bugs. They are kinda neat. However, they do not turn off by themselves if left on, in case anyone is wondering! One bug already had a dead battery by the next weekend. And for some reason I hate buying those batteries. They are the little watch/button/cell battery. Plus they are usually expensive batteries. I have tried once at Target but nobody ever came to the counter so I said screw it. It's on my list of items to buy.

We got hit with a ton of snow Weds. afternoon and night. Snow day on Thursday! I did have the dog and cats yearly appointment at the vet Thursday. We all went. The roads were all clear but ours. And ours was deep! They finally plowed it Thursday late afternoon and then again during the night. Which means we then had a huge mountain on snow at the end of our driveway. I was just out there this morning moving some of that snow. The sun is out today and it really does not feel that cold out. I just looked it up, it's 30.8 degrees with a windchill of 22. Maybe is sounds cold but really compared to what it has been, it feels nice out there! The downside of all this snow? It is too fluffy and dry to build snowmen. Maybe the sun will melt it just enough.

The last snow we got was the same way. There was only one good day to build with it. On Saturday. We were all busy that day. I knew it was good because while we waited for everyone to get ready and out to the car I made one big huge ball of snow within a minute. It was gonna be for our snowman. We got back late in the afternoon and it was getting too cold by that time so our poor snowman never got built. The kids are really, really wanting to build one. Just need the snow to cooperate with me!

More Christmas pics to come.

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Kristen's mom said...

I know what you mean, when we finally hit 32 degrees it felt like spring.