Monday, January 3, 2011

Gingerbread houses and goose eggs

Every year in Kindergarten the kids have made gingerbread houses. The parents/siblings are invited in to help their child. When it was Max's turn to make a gingerbread house Sam got to join in. If I remember correctly, Sam made her own. I let them keep them for a little while. I get pictures but they end up in the trash eventually. Joe got to make one when Sam was in Kindergarten and now that is was Joe's turn, Ike also made one.

However, this year Joe got cheated. The gingerbread house party lasts for one hour. He only got to stay for about 30 minutes. Max had an ENT appointment making us leave early from school that day. Ike threw a fit the entire 30 minutes. Why? Because he is 3 and he was mad because mean mommy put icing on the house to hep him build it. So I gathered a few of the different candies when it was time to go. They finished them at home later on. SO much more peaceful!!

I still have the gingerbread houses but they are about a day from the trash can. The kids have been ripping into them over the weekend.

We all know the best part of making a gingerbread house is the frosting....

Joe with his creation

Ike and his creation

Sam and her friend saw these lovely houses and decided they want to attempt to make a "bread house." "All we need is some bread and peanut better!" I'm a sucker and let them try it out. It failed. That and they realized we had graham crackers and frosting. So they attempted another house. I should also say, they told me they were going to eat their creation when done.

They used about 2 packages of graham crackers, all the frosting we had left and a lot of peanut butter. It looked nothing like a house. It was more like graham cracker stacked on graham cracker with frosting or peanut butter between them. Needless to say they never ate it. I threw it out without even getting pictures.

Speaking of Sam, my ever so graceful child.... she ran right into a wall yesterday. She is now sporting a nice bruised goose egg on her forehead. She also had a bloody nose. How fast was she going to hit the wall that hard?? Pete is teasing her and asking if she thought she had super powers and could run right through the walls! She has her follow up for her broken ankle this afternoon. Hopefully she is good to go, considering she has been going without her boot almost the entire time these last 2 weeks!

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The Munck Family said...

Hope it all went well today!!! Padded walls might be an option ;)Love to poor Sam!

Cute houses, looks like they had a ball!