Thursday, January 6, 2011

Max, just because

I feel like I have not talked a lot about Max lately. So here he is....

He is doing great. His ears were clear at the ENT appointment a couple weeks ago. His hearing was normal or at least close to it. He still only has 1 tube. So that is great news! Clear ears in the winter? A first for him I think.

His eyes still doing fine as well.

I am trying to get his cholesterol re-checked since it was high 6 months ago.

He is a big pain in the butt to his siblings but isn't that what big brothers do?


Anonymous said...

I'm sure you've taken Max to a dental clinic before. What did the dentist say about his tooth gaps? My daughter's teeth are also growing far away from each other, just like Max's. When I took her to our Raleigh dentist, I was told that there's a possibility that my child will need braces in the future and that I should prepare her for it. I'm glad that I was told about this beforehand by our trusted expert in Raleigh dentistry.

JennyH said...

Yes, Max goes to the dentist every 6 months. Only once has he really let them look and clean! The other times we fight it out with him and at least try to polish his teeth. They only get to visually check out his teeth. The one time he behaved they did get X-rays. I saw his adult teeth in there so I know they are there. He is 9 1/2 years old and has not lost one single tooth! I'm guessing all my kids will need braces. I have been told that for 2 of them already.

The spacing in between teeth is a good thing. It means they should have room for the adult teeth. Now, making the "V" shape he has going on, I'm not sure if that changes anything or not.

Max also sucks his finger. However, I have not noticed any teeth changes b/c of that.