Wednesday, January 26, 2011

More Christmas pictures

OK, like I said, I wasn't going to post tons of Christmas pictures. This will be the last of them.




Really, who needs clothes in the winter??
Each kid got a pillowpet. Joe wanted the ladybug.

It's Woody! I wasn't sure if the kids would like this but Ike Loves him.
Sam wanted the unicorn pillowpet. OK, really she wants all of them. Has anyone seen the Valentine's pillowpet? It is a dog.
Max (and Ike) got dog pillowpets

Max is the best person watching him open gifts. He is SO excited about every single thing he opens. He usually says, "WOW!" every time he opens something. It is pretty funny. However, Max is not the type of kid who really 'plays' that much. Most of his presents are still untouched. He liked his electronic ATM piggy bank and a DS game case I got him. Some of the other stuff I opened just because the other kids were dying to play with it. I made them wait for a few days to see if Max would ever show interest but he never really does. In fact, most of his stocking stuffers are still sitting on the fireplace where he opened them at. Oh well, he was happy when he opened them!

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