Friday, January 7, 2011

our week in review and homeschooling

This week went fast. Wednesday was back to school for us. We enjoyed our long Christmas break. We were staying up very late (OK, Pete, me and the 2 little boys do this anyway) and getting to sleep in. There were days I got to sleep in till 10:30, I think once it was even 11!! It was very nice. But the harsh world of bedtimes and alarms hit us this week. And in reality it went much smoother than I thought it would.

Wednesday also marked my first day of homeschooling Sam. It went pretty smoothly really. On Wednesday we did all our work then met Pete for lunch and did a couple errands before picking up Max and Joe from school. Thursday took longer but it was still smooth. Friday took even longer. I forgot to give Sam her medicine for her attentive deficit with breakfast. I could really tell! Thankfully, it didn't take me long to realize this and I gave it to her right away. Things got better after that. But she still wasn't really into sitting around and writing anything today. So we worked on the white board and verbally did work, at least on most of it.

I am starting at a level I believe is right below her level to hopefully build her confidence and to make sure she really knows this stuff. So far it's been smooth sailing and we double up on some of the lessons. We are using All About Spelling (AAS) (level 1) for her spelling and although the beginning of this curriculum is fairly easy it does get harder. Spelling is a struggle for her. I tested her spelling with about the first 30 spelling words about a month ago (because she wanted a spelling test) and got all those right. However, I gave her a few words randomly yesterday and she struggled with some of those. The beginning of AAS focuses on sounds. She knows those, as those are all taught in Kindergarten. However, she does not know all the vowels proficiently. Today we reviewed short sounds of the vowels. I admit I suck at vowel sounds! I'm glad AAS came with a CD that produces all sounds. I personally don't hear a difference between some of them, especially short e and i. So that makes it hard to 'quiz' Sam on those sounds. My mom was told when I was little I would never talk correctly and that I don't hear certain sounds correctly. I DO talk just fine but I guess the person was right about me now hearing different sounds! I stink at spelling by the way. Thank goodness for spell check! I hope to really focus on the rules of spelling (which AAS does) and go faster once we establish those. I don't think it will be much of a problem to move quickly once she really understands some of the rules.

I bought 2 of the chapter books from AAS and have her read those to me. They really don't start reading with AAS yet but since she is above this level of spelling I have started it already. Plus she really needs to work on reading. I like the books. The stories are short and simple. They get harder as they go along. We have read the first 6-7 stories already. Today was the first day I really saw her struggling with some of the words, and trust me they were pretty simple ones.

Other stuff... Sam's ankle is now fine. Yay! Max's cholesterol is still high. 215. Should be under 200. I'm almost positive this is all hereditary. Mine was really high, and yes I mean that!! In the 400's. The meds I am on have bought that down to around 200. That was only after a short period of time. I am hoping it is even lower now. I am also on a low dose. Pete also had high cholesterol prior to medicines. My mom has high cholesterol and so does both my father-in-law and mother-in-law. My doctor told me I was just born to the wrong parents! Anyway, back to Max... The Dr office gave me a number to the nutritionist. I asked if they had an eating specialist since Max is SO insanely picky. She said they do have a separate clinic for feeding issues and just to let them know what is going on and hopefully they can choose which would be best for him to see. I have not called yet though. Mainly because I am dreading this appointment. Why? Because I am pretty sure it will entitle change for Max. I see some struggles ahead with food. Hopefully I am seeing the struggles all wrong and everything will go smoothly.

Joe refused to go to school Wednesday. First words out of his mouth Wednesday morning were, "I don't want to go to school!" Sorry Joe, you're going! Once it was time to go he wouldn't go out to the van. I had to carry him out there and buckle him up. Then at school he would not get out. We sat there for over 5 minutes. He would not get out no matter what. I got him out but he got right back in. I got him out again and walked (as in holding his arm and marching him) up to the doors. Opened the doors, pushed him in and held the door shut. I am sure the office thinks highly of me! Once I moved my foot he tired escaping. So I held the door again and at that time one of the office ladies grabbed him and told him it was time for school. He was screaming and crying. I told him bye and left, thinking he would calm down after I left.

I called the principal later that afternoon. Told him Joe does not like school and talked about some other stuff (don't want to get into details just by the slight chance the teacher hears/reads this). The principal told me it took about an hour to get Joe to class! An HOUR!! The teacher told me it took about 30 minutes (she didn't know I had talked to principal at this point). So either way you look at it, it took a long time. I let the principal know Joe thinks school is boring. We were trying to think of something that would let Joe want to come to school. I had already came up with an idea but just had to make a call still. Joe really likes a girl down 2 houses from us who is in his class. Joe calls her his girlfriend! I called and talked to her mom about carpooling. The girl rides a bus Monday and Tuesday b/c she is in a daycare on those days. But Wednesday-Friday would work. So Thursday and Friday Joe rode with them to school. Joe and his 'girlfriend' walked up to school and to class holding hands the whole way, with NO problems. Next week will be my turn to take them. Monday and Tuesday I am guessing will be a struggle again. Wednesday I am hoping goes smooth. I hope he wants to get out of the car with her and walk up.

Still, what the heck is going on? Why does he hate school SO much? I haven't figured it out yet. I have a few ideas. If things don't improve soon I think I will ask for a meeting with school. Not just the teacher but other officials as well. Get more people involved so hopefully someone can figure it out.

Have a great weekend everyone.

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