Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Reindeer hat

These lovely reindeer hat caused much drama. This is Joe at his class party (separate from the gingerbread house party). It was on Friday, before school got out for Christmas. It was also Sam's last day. I went to Sam's party first, hung out, helped, etc... Then hopped across the hall to peek in Max's class. I didn't see him but planned on coming back after I visited Joe. Max saw me because as I was walking down the hall Max went to his door, yelled my name and waved for me to come back. I went and visited him for only a couple minutes. I feel bad because I never did make it back to his class. I went to Joe's class and never made it back out! Nothing big, just got busy helping and such.

I had told Sam's teacher I would come to her class after school to help pack her stuff up. However, ALL her stuff was already packed up before the parties. I did leave my stuff and Ike's coat in her classroom because I still planned on helping her carry her stuff and making sure she got everything.

So school was over. Max was already in Joe's class with me (dropped off by his para). We were getting packed up in Joe's room and started walking towards Sam's class. We met her and her friend half way there. Her friend carried all my stuff (it was stuff for their party and never got around to using). I asked them if they grabbed Ike's coat. No. At that time, Joe announced he forgot his reindeer hat. Instead of dragging 4 kids and ALL of our stuff down the hall to Sam's class, fighting the huge crowds, then turning around and going back to Joe's class I came up with a plan. Sam could grab Ike's coat for me, Joe could go grab his reindeer hat while me, Max and Ike waited in the middle. They went on their ways. Sam got back first. We waited on Joe. He wasn't coming.

I looked down the hall for Joe but did not see him walking down. I decided we would walk on down to his class. I had all his stuff (coat, backpack, craft and goodies, etc). We walk into his class but there was no Joe. I am wondering if it was possible to have missed him in the hall. We step back out and here comes his teacher, holding his hand, coming in from outside. She walked other kids outside to meet their parents. She decided she would take Joe for some reason. I have NO idea why. It was cold and I had his coat. She knew I had him and we were good to go.

So here she comes holding onto Joe with a death grip because he was kicking at her, screaming, falling to ground, anything trying to get away from her. She hands him over to me and then asks, "is there anything I can do to help?" Oh my goodness I was pissed. Joe was just fine by himself. I sent him to get his hat and that was it. Joe is capable of getting his hat and walking down the hallway by himself!! He was fine, he was happy, just missing his reindeer hat.

"Is there anything I can do to help?" I replied, "no, I'm guessing Joe is mad because I sent him to get his reindeer hat and then come back to me but I'm guessing somebody grabbed him and wouldn't let him do it!" She was quite. Joe was pissed. He was now in a huge fit. He didn't want to walk, stand up, or do ANYTHING! "Well, let me know if there is anything I can help with." We all start walking towards the door. Joe wasn't moving. However, I had my hands completely full of stuff so he was going to have to walk out by himself. We all go outside while Joe lays on the floor. He finally gets up and follows. We get to the car and he would not get in. He would not talk to me either. I was asking him what happened, why did his teacher have him, etc.. nothing. The same time Sam remembers something she forgot. She went back in to get it. Joe still trowing a huge fit. I decide to ignore him since trying to talk to him was getting me nowhere. Sam gets back and I am still waiting on Joe to get in the car. I finally get him in and buckled but he was SO not happy!

I never found out what happened. All I know is that the reindeer hat ended up causing a lot of drama. This is the teacher we are having issues with this year. I don't think I ever blogged this but one day she came out with the students, and handed me Joe. She said, in front of the other kiddos as well, "today was a good day. He only did a few of his little quirks. But then I told him how odd he was being and made him cry." Seriously, you are telling me it was a good day because you made my child cry!? I asked Joe about it later. He said another boy blamed him for something he did not do and that is why he cried. I will never know the straight story. I did talk to the principal about it though.

It all makes me wonder, is this just the teacher or is there seriously something different about Joe? She has told me all year long about how "atypical" and "odd" he is for being a 5 year old. I can't say I see it. I'm I letting her get to me? Is there something going on? I guess only time will tell.

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