Sunday, February 20, 2011

Fastest ER visit ever

30 minutes. We checked into the ER and were discharged 30 minutes later. I seriously wish doctor offices were that fast. Too bad ER visits cost almost 8 times as much money!

Sam was having a sleep over.... I know, right now you are thinking... Of course it was Sam that had the ER visit. Sam, her friend and the boys were all playing and horsing around. I was not in the same room but I could hear everything and see most of it. I was keeping an eye on them because Max can be a little rough and not know when enough is enough. And Sam's friend will fight back. I'm glad she does but I think she is probably stronger than he is. She also goes to Tae Kwon Do classes.... and likes to say (threaten), "I know tae kwon do" and "don't make me use tae kwon do on you."

Anyway, Sam's friend was, I guess, practicing a kick or showing off a kick, I'm really not sure, when supposedly Sam walked INTO the kick. Sam started crying. So we call her up and then sent her to lay on the couch. Then Pete sent her to her bed b/c she would not stop crying. Sam's friend continued to play with the boys. Sam carried on for about 30 minutes. crying and saying her stomach hurt. She would double over acting like she was in a lot of pain. So Pete decided if she was really hurt that bad then she needed to go to the doctor. Sam's friend Really did not want to go home. She kept trying to bargain with me. She said she could just wait for Sam to come back, She said she has her sleeping bag so she could still sleep over here, she was thinking of anything she may think would work. Finally Pete chimed in and told her, "Sam is going to the doctor. Get your stuff so you can go home." No more arguments. Why do kids always listen to the dad?! Grrr

I could tell she was nervous while we stood on her porch waiting for her parents to answer the door. I didn't make a big deal out of it. I'm sure she got at least a good talking to though.

So now Sam and I go on to the ER. Check in, go back to a room and then the doctor comes in. I recognize this doctor and really don't have a lot of faith in him. He is the same guy I saw 4 years ago. We very rarely go to the ER. What are the chances of getting this guy 4 years later? He listens to her stomach with his stethoscope and then feels around. Ask her where it hurts then has her jump up five times. He says he thinks she is fine she is going to make it. That was it. I really was expecting something more than that. He said her bowel sounded fine, sometimes when in a bad car wreck the bowel can get a laceration but hers didn't sound like that. Um, OK, what about the other organs? He thinks it is just sore muscles and will just be sore for a few days. Then we checked out, paid a hefty fee, and went home. First words out of Sam's mouth this morning was, "my stomach hurts." I guess I have never been kicked in the stomach that hard. At least I don't remember being in that much pain after being hit or kicked in the stomach, not that it really ever happens though.

Back to that ER doctor. 4 years ago I went in to the ER because my chest hurt really bad. It hurt to breathe. The pain woke me up or never really let me get to sleep (I don't remember for sure). I was about 7-10 weeks pregnant with Ike. I waited for a long time before going to the ER. The pain wasn't going away though so I finally went in. He chalked it up to indigestion due to pregnancy. Never have I had indigestion when barely pregnant. I never had pain like that due to pregnancy. Later in pregnancy my throat would burn from, I'm guessing, acid reflux. That same chest pain is the kind I have had a few times in life. Not often though. The last time was about a year ago, a couple weeks before having my gallbladder removed. The pain was caused from gallstones. Being an ER doctor, why didn't he pick up on that? It was my mom that called what it was. It was because of her I had it checked out further. She convinced me it was my gallbladder. She was right. It was one year ago I had that thing removed! I have not had that pain since. Though I very rarely had that pain to begin with. Those stones were huge. 1 1/2 inches and another just over an inch. The doctor had to make the incision bigger just to get them out.

Anyway, turns out Sam is apparently fine. I guess I will believe that doctor in a few days when Sam gets better.

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