Friday, April 22, 2011

kids will be kids

The kids thought it would be fun to stamp their feet and hand prints on paper and display them on the wall....

My hallway looks like that. The entire wall is filled with their masterpieces (well, as high as they can reach!). They slowly get ripped down. Don't worry they will all be replaced with new masterpieces.

Kids are messy, we all know that. My kids, I believe, are some the messiest around. At least 3 of them, Max is rather tidy. Except for one thing....

I wonder if they ever get that toothpaste ON their toothbrushes. They get it everywhere! And I actually wonder why I am buying toothpaste for the kids all the time!

I found Max had claimed this pile for himself awhile back...

The kids laptop, their netbook/mini laptop and a DSi XL. Max is all into electronic things. If he could play with all things electronic at one time he would! He will often times play DS while watching TV or the computer. We tell him one thing at a time.

Back in November I won an Ipod touch from Saving Lera. I received it about a month ago. My kids LOVE it. So Max has added that to his pile he claims as his. It is fun to play with. We did not have an Itouch before (or even an Iphone, I know, :gasp:). I have an Ipod from about 3 1/2 years ago that Pete got me for Christmas. It is an ipod video and has 32 GB. It still works perfectly (knock on wood) and I use every time I am in the car, when I run (jog, really), and just whenever. It has had lots and lots of use. Pete had bought the 3 year warranty for it but we never needed it. I am hoping the Itouch is made just as well.

Hope everyone has a fun-filled Easter weekend.

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