Monday, April 18, 2011

really, it's been almost a month?

OK, So it's been awhile since I posted. I'm not that good at keeping up I guess.

The weather is getting nicer and nicer. I love spring! I'm outside just as much as I can be. I have planted several veggie plants so far and more berry bushes. Fingers cross they all spread like crazy! The rabbits were enjoying my blueberry bushes way too much so I had to make a 'rabbit fence' around all my berry plants in that area (blueberry, blackberry and raspberry). Now, I noticed my strawberry plants are slowly but surely getting eaten up. SO I need to make another trip to the hardware store. I feed the birds along with the rabbits and squirrels in hopes they would leave my other stuff alone. no such luck. However, they have not found my cabbage or parsley yet. Apparently they do not like rosemary or mint (or maybe haven't noticed it yet?).
Today though I felt sorry for the poor little rabbits.

As I walked out on the deck this morning I heard this awful, loud squeaky noise. This huge black bird had a baby rabbit in his beak sitting on the fence. Poor baby was yelling for his momma! 2 rabbits were in the yard that he pulled it from. I could see the rabbits nest was torn apart. fur everywhere. I think the rabbits moved the rest of the babies as the hole was empty a short while later (I checked). Either that or I figured the bird had eaten them all up. However, a couple hours later, I again step out on the deck and a big black bird is flying over our deck with a mouth full of baby rabbit, kicking and screaming. Poor bunnies.

Last fall I re-did a flower bed by our mailbox. I only put tulips and lilies in it. Plus one mum, which I was kinda hoping would die over winter (it didn't) plus the 'fancy' grass in one corner. Happy to say the tulips all looked great this spring!
I have tons to blog about and hoping I can play catch up for awhile but we'll see how that goes...

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