Wednesday, April 20, 2011

school projects

Before spring break Max and Joe both had a project due at school. Max a solar system and Joe a leprechaun trap.

For Max his solar system could be just about anything. I stuck with a simple poster type display.

I had Max fill in the blanks for length of day and year and how many moons each planet had. He glued everything on (with help). You can't see it in the photo but we do have an asteroid belt on there. We made it out of pea gravel and clear beads that looked like ice. The background is covered with (lots of) glitter. All the kids had to help with that, of course! He was proud of it and got an A.

Joe had to make a leprechaun trap. Could be anything. Apparently leprechauns like gold. When I mentioned to Pete Joe needed to make a leprechaun trap he suggested a plant like a Venus fly trap. Joe liked it so we went with it. Joe and I had green hands for a few days. We used paper mache that I dyed green (in hopes to skip painting it). However, we still had to paint the thing. It was messy but turned out better than I was expecting.
Here is Joe with his Venus Leprechaun trap!Joe hid one piece of gold behind a spike to really lure the leprechaun in....

His teacher said it looked just like the plant off of Little Shops of Horrors.

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