Saturday, June 25, 2011

6 years old

I'm a couple days late getting this up...

On June 23, 2005 my sweet little Joe was born...

On Thursday he turned 6 years old!
By mid day he was saying this was the worst birthday ever. The boys and I went to the grocery store while Sam was in swimming lessons. Why do I always fall for the whole car cart thing? I must be a slow learner. They always want those darn things but I can't stand them. Anyway, Joe and Ike talked me into one. mistake! So of course, they had to fight the entire time. Screaming, biting, spitting, pinching and crying. I'm sure the store loved us. By the time our very quick trip to the store was done both little boys would have to go their room when we got home.

That evening though I took Joe back to the store and let him pick out a cake. We wanted all pink. They didn't have any. He settled for a decorated greenish colored cake. I bought pink icing and put "Joe" on the cake for him. He picked out 'trick' candles. I'm not that impressed by them. I remember when I was a kid those things worked well. Now? Not that great. He opened presents and had cake. I think it turned into an OK day!

So even though I am late posting this....

Happy 6th birthday to Joe.

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