Monday, June 6, 2011

dreaded appointment

Max has an appointment this afternoon that I am dreading!

I was told to allow 2 hours for the appointment. 2 hours!! If it was just Max and I, I think I could handle it better. However, Pete started a new The neighbor had plans for the day so I am stuck taking all 4 kids with me. grrr. Pete said I should have asked his parents to come up. I probably should have. But it's too late now.

The appointment is at the Weight Management for Special Needs. It is in downtown Kansas City. It is part of the Children's Mercy Hospital but not IN the hospital just right next to it. I hate driving down there. I'm not that familiar with the area to be driving around trying to find my way. I am hoping the GPS helps out a little. Another reason I hate driving to the unknown building is parking. The hospital itself has covered parking. We have a conversion van with a high top. It is too tall to fit in parking garages. So at the hospital they have me park in a special spot. They have about 8 or so special spots for high/big vehicles. I am not sure about the clinic I am going too. They do have a covered parking I know. I told them on the phone I drive a tall vehicle. I guess I'll find out when I get there!

The paperwork says, "please make arrangements for other children in your care while you attend this appointment." Well, I already talked about that. I hope my other 3 behave and have patience. Lots of patience! Same for me.

I am also supposed to take 2 food items that Max will eat and 2 he will not eat. This should be fun! Actually that is about the only reason I am going. He is SO darn picky. I am hoping someone there has some magic power to have him eat something new and different.

The reason for this appointment all came from his high cholesterol from last year. I had it re-tested 6 months later but it was still high. I know this is all from Pete and I. But I don't think the doctors care. From there we saw the nutritionist. I am pretty sure I blogged about that but right now I can't find it. I think Blogger ate it! She was no help. So this place is our 2nd place to visit. Max didn't qualify for the eating/feeding clinic. Which really is my main concern.

I keep thinking he has to outgrow this. He will want to try different things. But really, I'm not too sure. I asked a friend about her son who also is a picky eater and went through feeding therapy. News did not sound good. She even met someone that has a son (adult son) who only eats like 3 things.... and that is it!

Oh Max, oh Max, why do you have to be SO stubborn and picky??


The Munck Family said...

Yikes, I know this was days ago, but hope it all went well!!! Taking lots of kids to that kind of appointment can be hard!

Hope ya'll are enjoying your summer. Are you home schooling in the summer?

Karen said...

I've heard that most kids with DS are picky eaters, so Max is just normal. As far as normal goes with our kids. Good luck with the appointment!