Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Mr dress up

Also known as Ike..

Ike is ALL about dressing up. I guess when you're 3 years old it is all about imagination!

Check out some of Ike's other personalities...

He can be Spider-man
Or Woody (I don't seem to have him dressed up as Buzz, but trust me, he does!)
Mario is also still a favorite

He can be decked out in camo

Or save the day being a fireman (with or...

...without the mustache)

What's a fireman without his pack?

He can be a pirate, complete with parrot (He does have a bandanna for his head, a hook for his hand and a sword for the other) but this must be a friendly pirate as he is wearing sock monkey slippers!

He calls this his safari gear

Ho, Ho, Ho!
Ike is Santa at the park. Notice he had to be dressed in all red with black boots.
Last but not least,
Ike was a cheerleader (with binoculars) who had to sit it out on the steps but fell asleep.

This is just a glimpse into Ike's dress up craze. He can be anything he sets his mind to!

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