Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tooth fairy Finally visits

Is that just a sweet picture of Max? OK, I may be biased. But he Looks so innocent there.

Back in February Max started to get a loose tooth. His first one. I took a picture so we could remember those sweet little baby teeth..

Finally, roughly 3 weeks before his 10th birthday he lost it!
I was prepping him up for loosing his tooth. I wasn't sure if he would freak out or what. I did think he would manage to swallow it. Everyday (well, several times a day) I would check out his tooth, or he would come shoe me how loose it was. I acted very excited and informed him once he lost it the tooth fairy would bring him $5. He would get very happy about that!

So one evening Max came to me pointing to his mouth. I said something like, "yeah, I know, your tooth is really loose." Then he opened his hand and Ta-Da there was his tooth. I wish I could have seen his face when he pulled it out. However, he was in a room by himself.

He is still pretty excited about loosing his tooth. The new tooth is just peeking through the gum. I don't think he has any more loose teeth right now. It felt like it took forever for that tooth to fall out. I mean, I noticed it was loose 4 months ago!

So at the ripe age of (almost) 10, Max lost his 1st baby tooth. Heck, at this rate he may have his baby teeth for years and years to come!

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