Tuesday, August 2, 2011

catch up

I cannot believe school starts in less than 2 weeks!! August 15th is the first day. It is a half day. Sam and I will start that week... probably the 16 or 17th. I have all the stuff I need (except our spelling... it is in the mail though!). However, I am not ready yet. Hopefully it won't take me long to get all set up and ready to go.

Getting up early is going to kill us! Joe and Ike have been staying up till around 3 am and sleeping in until around 1. They are training early for their teenage years! HA!! They will not go to sleep earlier even as hard as I try. So what to do? I'll have to start waking them up early so they will be tired earlier. It is so hard to wake a sleeping child when all is peaceful and you know they will be cranky all day. I plan on staring that tomorrow...

The rest of us aren't that bad but getting up around 7 is going to be torture on me! Getting up around 7:30 will be pure torture on 3 of my kids as well! Ike is still the lucky one and gets to sleep in.

Max sees OT every 2 weeks for feeding therapy. He's not eating new food yet but he is taking bites (for sticker rewards) of new foods. It is going very slowly but at least it's going. I didn't expect it to be fast.

A few weekends ago we went to Springfield, MO to hang out with grandparents and swim. Joe stayed with Pete's parents all by himself for about 3 days. On Wednesday of that week the other 3 kids and I went back down. Joe did awesome. He told me he was going to live there now. I asked him, "what if we miss you though?" He replied, "you guys can come visit." Thanks Joe! On Sunday of that week Sam went with Pete's parents to Chicago to visit cousins (and aunt and uncle). The 3 boys and I still hung out for a few days at my parents house. We came home Tuesday afternoon and Sam got back home late Weds. evening.

While in Springfield I got another tattoo. Pete and I keep talking about getting more but we just haven't. So I got a big ladybug on my left foot. It has been 1 week and 1 day so far. It is still healing and doesn't look that great yet so in a few weeks I'll try to post a picture. Yes, it hurt but it wasn't that bad. I was prepared. I know foot tats are supposed to hurt a lot. I handled it fine. My other tattoo I got when I was 19 years old. It is a cute little (maybe 1- 1.5 inches) yellow frog on my lower side back.

I passed my intro karate class so I am now officially a white belt. yay! I have not yet made it to a class wearing my gi top or belt. Thursday hopefully though. Pete and I will be attending classes together so we had to find babysitters. That took some time but we now have a couple of sisters lined up. I hope they work out after school starts and aren't too busy.

I haven't bought any school supplies yet. I ordered 2 backpacks from LL Bean and that is it so far. Anybody have them? Do you love them? Hope so. They are guaranteed to last so I'm hopeful they will last a long time. Even when they do wear out I can get it replaced for free. How cool is that?! I'm just not in the school mode yet.

Hope everyone had a great summer (or is having a great one!!).

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