Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Down syndrome awareness month

It's already October! I am SOOOO behind in blogging.

Since my last posts were about Max's and Joe's birthdays I should probably do Sam's and Ike's too, right?

Sam turned 8 years old Aug 29. and Ike turned 4 Aug 23.

The day my baby Ike was born...

And 4 years later

The Birthday of my only daughter..

My princess 8 years later..

For her 8th birthday she got a BB gun as a present from the grandparents.
Here is grandpa showing her how to use it and giving her lots of safety tips.
She also got her ears pierced. You can notice in her 8 year old picture up there.

School for Sam is going great. Joe is doing pretty well this year as well. A different teacher can make a world of difference! Max, well, right now not so well. Ike is still hanging out with Sam and I enjoying being a 4 year old.

I'll write more about school and Max when I get some time. I promise to try to get it done before 2 months is up!!

For now hope everyone is enjoying Down syndrome awareness month!!

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