Saturday, November 19, 2011


We had our meeting at school regarding Max. So far we have not gotten far. We had another meeting with the principal last week and he's 'working on it.' We will have another meeting within a few weeks. I know you all are so jealous, right?

Surgery... Max had 2 new tubes placed on October 21. Instead of the quick 15 minute surgery it took about 50 minutes! The ENT came out and told me Max had lots of thick mucus behind his eardrums. He also had a big infection in his left ear. The ENT cleaned it all out, which is what took SO long, but wasn't sure the left tube would stay due to the infection. I did the dreaded ear drops for almost a week, 2 times a day. Max hates them!

We went for a follow-up about 2 1/2 weeks later. Right tube looked great. Left tube not so much. :( Not only did the tube not stay, he already had fluid behind the eardrum. The ENT said he needed another surgery. grrr

The kids had their 6 month check ups with the dentist about a week or 2 ago. Max, like always, refused to get ANYTHING done. Max has a shark thing going on though. His adult front tooth is already at least 1/2 way in but the baby tooth is still there, barely loose. I'm pretty sure he needs it pulled. He will not even let the dentist touch it. The only thing he did was open his mouth while on the way out so the dentist could LOOK in his mouth. That is it. The dentist said he should see a pedo dentist that could help us. She also went on about how he really should have lost his front bottom teeth around 5 or 6 years of age. blah-blah-blah. Everyone looses teeth a bit different. I told her that he got his teeth in late, in an 'out-of-order' way and that is was a common thing with Down syndrome. Yes, Max is 10 and has only lost 1 tooth. Sam started loosing her teeth after she turned 7. Joe is 6 and shows no loose teeth. I'm guessing our kids loose their teeth late.

I sent out a 'plea' to our local Ds Group for a good recommendation for a pedo dentist. I got several. Love that! One kept coming up though so I called and made an appointment. They offer sedation in the office by gas and IV and will do day surgery if needed at the children's hospital. That appointment is December 1st. I was hoping to get it really fast to see if Max would need surgery for that tooth as well.

Since that appointment was not within a week or 2 I went ahead and called the ENT to schedule surgery for his tube before the end of the year. The ENT books out about a month in advance. Our insurance has a $500 deductible plus 20% copay for surgery. So instead of getting hit with another $500 deductible I wanted to get surgery done before the new year. IF Max needs surgery to remove the tooth I am really hoping the 2 doctors can get it worked out before 2012.

I think that is is for now. Max is busy with appointments. I feel like he is missing school at least every week for some appointment.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!