Tuesday, June 12, 2012

broken bones

Remember Sam broke her arm?  She broke it on March 26th jumping out of our swings.  She required surgery to re-set it and have pins put in.  One month later, April 25, she had it all removed.

The day of removal...
 Here were the pins in her arm.  This was 1 week out after she broke it.

Ignore the arrow ( I was asking my sister something and too lazy to recrop the original).  She broke the Humerus, as you can clearly see in the above pic.  Right above the elbow.  The bone was wanting to stick out on the inside of her elbow.  She had a huge bump there before surgery.  She broke it very well!!

When she got it off she still had bruising.  The bump is still there and it is still discolored.  The doctor said both will take awhile to go away.

They offered physical therapy but left it up to me.  I chose not to.  We made sure she was using it at home and then added a small weight for her to lift.  We went back 3 weeks later and they said she was cleared and looked great.  She still cannot bend it all the way up (forearm to bicep) but they said that would come with time.  She is slowly not babying it anymore.

I am hoping that was her (and our families) last broken bone!!  The swings kinda freak me out now when I see kids swinging super high.  I will get over it though.

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