Sunday, September 9, 2012

Tubes and Teeth

I have talked about how Max has had about a million tubes put into his teeny, tiny little ears due to fluid.  Well he will be getting his millionth and one set of tubes soon.  Joy!  In about 2 weeks he will be getting those.  Fingers crossed this will be his last set he ever needs, and that the tubes don't fall out within the first week.

Max's teeth-- where to begin?  His first tooth he lost was perfect.  It was loose for awhile and it jiggled and jiggled until one day he came downstairs with it in his hand.  He was almost 10 years old but the tooth came out by itself.  That is the only tooth to come out by itself.

His next tooth came in like a shark, creating a second row, along with the next one.  We did in-office sedation at the dental office to have them removed.  I don't remember if I posted about it or not.  Probably not since I never post anymore.  Anyway, it was awful!  The entire thing was awful.  He had 3 teeth pulled at that time (all on the top).  I was also informed he is missing his 2 front bottom adult teeth.  So the cute little baby teeth he has now will be the ones he has for life.  Well now he has a bottom tooth (right next to the 2 front ones) that has come in like a shark row again.  He saw the dentist over the summer who wanted to wait until school started up to pull it.  He said the office won't be as busy then (with kids in school) and he wanted it done first thing in the morning. That appointment was Friday, at 7:30.

Friday morning I get up at 6 AM!  Way to early to be up, by the way.  I get Sam and Max both up.  Sam was going in to get more sealants. We get to the dental office at 7:30, a little before really.  The parking lot was empty and nobody was inside.  I check my reminder email on my phone to make sure I had the correct time, place and date.  I did.  I called the phone number and got voice mail saying they open at 8.  So we wait.  At about 7:45 dental people started showing up.  We go inside.  The front desk lady told me that the doctors had to reschedule all their appointments as they would be out of the office that day.  Then she said they called me twice to reschedule, Wednesday being the last time.  She says they left a message for me.  I asked her what phone number they called.  It was correct.  I said I never got any message, nor missed calls.  She pretty much said I was wrong.. just not in those words.  I was just a little irritated!  I rescheduled it for the next available time. Which is not until almost the end of October.  But I'm trying to see the good. Maybe he'll have another tooth up by that time and the baby tooth will need to be pulled or Maybe it's enough time to find another dentist that will do a combo case with the ENT.

Backtracking a little bit... After hearing Max would need more tubes I was kinda excited that he now needed 2 things done at once (3 if you count blood work).  I told the ENT office to try and get it combo'd with the dental office.  It took several days but finally I got word.  The Dentist doesn't do combo cases because the hospital doesn't like it.  They tried it once but it didn't go too well, supposedly. Plus the dentist has a Monday afternoon block time at the hospital whereas the ENT does not have any time Monday afternoons.  It would not work out.  Bummer. 

I called the ENT office on my way home from the dental office.  I asked if they knew of any dentist that do combo cases with them.  She did not and went on to explain that the hospital  usually does dental cases Monday afternoons.  The story changed a little.  So now I'm not sure if I'll find another dentist to try and do a combo or just go with what we got scheduled.

I wish Max would just pop his teeth up in the correct places!!  I guess I also forgot to mention that instead of in-office sedation we are trying nitrous gas this time.  I hope it puts him way out in crazy land and he just does what he is told.  He will not even go INTO a dental chair so doesn't the whole thing sound like fun?