Tuesday, January 29, 2013

sick, sick, sick!

A couple of weeks ago we all shared a stomach bug, well, all but Sam.  I only a had very mild case. I just felt sick but never got sick (as in throwing up like everyone else!)  We got over that and then last Friday Max was sick with a fever.  Thursday night I woke up with Max shaking next to me like he was freezing.  However, he felt like a little space heater.  He stayed home Friday from school.  Saturday he perked up but by afternoon he was back in bed.  Sunday he was in bed the whole day. He also developed a cough Sunday night.  Monday he was still laying around and not feeling that great.  His temperate was in the range of 101-103.5 degrees.

At first I was think maybe flu.  This is the first year I didn't get them flu shots... the first year ever.  Time just got away and I never made it happen.  I know, bad mom, right?  But then after he got that awful cough I wasn't so sure about the flu anymore.  Tuesday I go ahead and take him to the doctor.  They wanted to test him for Strep and Flu.  I asked about pneumonia as well. The doctor agreed to test him for that too.

The first 2 are just swabs.  Which you would have thought we were trying to chop something off of him.  He very loudly protested.  They were both negative.  Sigh of relief that it was NOT the flu :)  For the xrays to test for pneumonia we had to go to another building across the street.  It was pouring down rain and Max thinks he melts in rain or something like that.  We of course drove as it was not really walking distance but still took forever to get the kids to the car then back out of the car across the street.  Max did protest the Xrays but once we explained it was only a picture he calmed down and listened well.

Couple hours later I got the call from the doctors office that Max, indeed, does have pneumonia.  Poor Max.  He is now started on antibiotics.  Hopefully he feels better within a couple of days.  We are leaving for Disney World in a few short days so I am also really hoping nobody else gets sick!!

He looks miserable and he sounds awful! First time one of my kiddos has had pneumonia.  Pete had it a few years ago and I remember he acted like he was dying.  Max is taking it much better ;)  I have never had it so I don't know how painful it is.  Knock on wood... since I do get coughed on and cleaned up throw up last night (I think b/c he just ate then all the coughing it came back up).  I also drank after him Thursday night.  Hoping I have a super strong mom immunity!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Shopping...at Justice

I am not a huge shopper.  Or at least I'm not a fan of shopping with 4 kids in tow.  And really, when don't I have 4 kids in tow?? 

Sam received some clothes for Christmas that she wanted to return.  Of course it was the super girly store Justice.  She also had a gift card for there from her birthday (back in August).  I hate going in that store.  The boys get super bored there while Sam tries to decide on what exactly she has to have. 

Upon walking in the store this is the music line up.... Taylor Swift, We are Never, Ever Getting Back Together, then it was some song by one direction, right after that it was Taylor Swift again. Same song.  I like Taylor Swift but I really don't want to listen to her songs over and over again while shopping in the dreaded store of Justice.

Sam eyed some pink sparkly boots as soon as we walked in.  They didn't have her size.  SO she searched and searched for something else.  I was ready to wrap it up by that third song.  I don't know how long we were in there but I'd guess close to an hour, maybe 45 minutes.  urgh.  She finally settled for another pair of boots, that were not on sale, off white in color (to get really dirty!), and cost $50.  Apparently Sam got the girly gene of never having enough shoes.  I'm not like that.  But at that point I didn't really care what she picked out I just wanted to leave!

I hate returns after Christmas.  We have 2 more stores still to go to.  A lot of years I wait so long I decide to just say screw it and donate the item I intended to return.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Christmas 2012

 I'm not posting a bunch of Christmas pictures but here's a few.  Henry was all into getting his picture taken Christmas.  He kept butting in.
 Ike is all into Lego Starwars.  He got several different sets. He was happy.
 Max and Sam got an Ipod to share (along with other stuff).
 Joe's favorite present was probably his snap circuits.  It is a very cool toy.  He also got several sets of K'Nex and a new copy of super mario bros Wii since our other one got too scratched up.
Hope everyone had a good Christmas.

Monday, January 7, 2013

3 silly boys

 Joe made his own "nerf" shirt.  He has the guns, a pair of flip-flops and I think some shorts.  So he made his own shirt to match.  It turned out pretty good.

 Max just being goofy but wow so cute!
My Mr. dress-up man.  Ike dressed like a girl.  Yes, it's a pirate hat but it has long hair.
Sam helped him get dressed up like a girl.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Henry post 2

Here is Henry again.  This is over a month old.  He has plumped up nicely and now is at a more normal weight.  He still is a really good dog.  He has darted outside a few times and he just runs!  Explain why he was picked up as a stray by the animal shelter.  Sam has caught him every time.  He loves to go outside.  He no longer wants to eat Tinkerbell (the cat) but is now deathly afraid of her.  She has no claws so I'm not sure how she claimed her alpha-type profile.  He will not walk any where near her... at all!  I dog-sat my mom's and my brother's dog last weekend.  They are both super small dogs.  Both well under 10 pounds.  One is a toy Chihuahua, the other is a dashound mixed with something (it has some fancy name but I forgot). The dashound is still a puppy.  Henry LOVED her.  He wanted to play non-stop with her (she... not so much) until she growled at him over the food bowl.  Then he was afraid of her.  He warmed back up to her by the end of the weekend.  He is such a docile, push-over type of dog.  But he is a sweetie.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

The tooth fairy visited JOE

At the ripe age of 7 1/2 years Joe lost his first tooth.  It was loose for what felt like forever.  Then on New Years Day I looked and it was barely hanging in there.  I asked him if he wanted me to hank it out.  He siad yes.  So with one teeny little pull it was out.  Of course it bled but very minimal.  He is the one that freaks out at the sight of blood and requires a band-aid even if there is no blood if he gets cuts.  So considering that, he did OK with it.  Afterwards he asked why he felt sick.  Silly, silly boy!  He would't finish eating because he was "sick" afterwards...all over the sight of a little blood.