Saturday, January 5, 2013

Henry post 2

Here is Henry again.  This is over a month old.  He has plumped up nicely and now is at a more normal weight.  He still is a really good dog.  He has darted outside a few times and he just runs!  Explain why he was picked up as a stray by the animal shelter.  Sam has caught him every time.  He loves to go outside.  He no longer wants to eat Tinkerbell (the cat) but is now deathly afraid of her.  She has no claws so I'm not sure how she claimed her alpha-type profile.  He will not walk any where near her... at all!  I dog-sat my mom's and my brother's dog last weekend.  They are both super small dogs.  Both well under 10 pounds.  One is a toy Chihuahua, the other is a dashound mixed with something (it has some fancy name but I forgot). The dashound is still a puppy.  Henry LOVED her.  He wanted to play non-stop with her (she... not so much) until she growled at him over the food bowl.  Then he was afraid of her.  He warmed back up to her by the end of the weekend.  He is such a docile, push-over type of dog.  But he is a sweetie.

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