Monday, January 21, 2013 Justice

I am not a huge shopper.  Or at least I'm not a fan of shopping with 4 kids in tow.  And really, when don't I have 4 kids in tow?? 

Sam received some clothes for Christmas that she wanted to return.  Of course it was the super girly store Justice.  She also had a gift card for there from her birthday (back in August).  I hate going in that store.  The boys get super bored there while Sam tries to decide on what exactly she has to have. 

Upon walking in the store this is the music line up.... Taylor Swift, We are Never, Ever Getting Back Together, then it was some song by one direction, right after that it was Taylor Swift again. Same song.  I like Taylor Swift but I really don't want to listen to her songs over and over again while shopping in the dreaded store of Justice.

Sam eyed some pink sparkly boots as soon as we walked in.  They didn't have her size.  SO she searched and searched for something else.  I was ready to wrap it up by that third song.  I don't know how long we were in there but I'd guess close to an hour, maybe 45 minutes.  urgh.  She finally settled for another pair of boots, that were not on sale, off white in color (to get really dirty!), and cost $50.  Apparently Sam got the girly gene of never having enough shoes.  I'm not like that.  But at that point I didn't really care what she picked out I just wanted to leave!

I hate returns after Christmas.  We have 2 more stores still to go to.  A lot of years I wait so long I decide to just say screw it and donate the item I intended to return.

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amber malmberg said...

I feel like such a hermit lately. I only have 2 kids, and it's a killer to go anywhere…hence, the hermit!