Saturday, September 28, 2013

Poor Blog part 2

 Over the summer we had baby praying mantis' galore.  This one is on a strawberry plan leave.  I love praying mantis'.. they are so cool looking.  I was so excited we had babies.  They were EVERYWHERE.
 Spaz will eat any pepper he sees on my plants.  He is a tad bit ornery!!

 I have tried growing pumpkins several times before but never have done well with them.  This year I got 2 pumpkins!! A white one and a bumpy orange one.  So happy!

We went to the park last weekend.  Here are my kids being cute!

There was a little puddle left from rain that had tons of fish in it.  The creek (or drainage/runoff area really) had dried up from the main water source.  So being the kind and loving people we are, we saved as many as we could.

There were also several frogs in the area that the kids held.

Smile for the camera...  Check out Max.  Joe is "eating" Ike's frog. 
What is a park day without sticks??

 Enjoy Fall before Winter comes and we all freeze to death. Here is a picture from last winter.  This was in our neighborhood.  It was super huge!!  The bottom was like a fort/cave.  Just an idea for you once you get snow this year!

Friday, September 27, 2013

My Poor Blog!

My poor, poor blog.  It's been months since I posted anything.  So I'll give a quick update and post  some lovely pictures.

We got Henry last Fall/Winter.  Then we went back to add another dog in spring.  His name is Spaz because he is such a crazy dog!

 Henry and Spaz checking each other out on Spaz's catcha day.

 Spaz is a momma's boy type of dog!
Sam colored her hair pink...

We made Blobber and I suggested they acted like they sneezed it out...

 Max loves licking me for some reason..
 Joe turned 8!
 Max turned 12!!
 Joe got a BB gun for his birthday.

 Ike trying it out too.

 Sam wanted her hair brown with blue tips.  It didn't go as planned but it is different.  She found a butterfly on the deck that had a missing wing.  Spaz probably ate it.  He chases anything that flies.  Seriously if dogs could have ADHD he would be a poster dog!  Anyway, Sam saved the butterfly and not only did it not die the first night it lived for about a week!  Then one day it was died and she cried all day about it.

 Over the summer we visited granpparents and friends a lot.  We went to the Discovery Center in Springfield, Mo while there.  Sam sure has some crazy hair...
 Joe's hair is sticking up too but it is hard to see.
 Sam and Spaz being cute
 Sam started 5th grade.  I still homeschool her, Joe, and Ike.  Max goes half days to 6th grade then comes home in the afternoon...about the time the other 3 are just waking up.  The plan is for him to transition to full days at school. Ike is in 1st and Joe is in 3rd grade this year.
 Joe and Ike made houses on the first day of school.
 Max and I.
 Ike turned 6!
 He picked Golden Corral for his meal because they have cotton candy.

 Sam turned 10!!  Double digits.  She also picked Golden Corral.
Sam being silly
 Sam marked on Joe's face while he was sleeping.
 And Joe got revenge 2 nights later. Don't worry.. it was washable!

I'll post more tomorrow.  Enjoy for now.