Thursday, August 13, 2009

A few funnys

Kids ages 8-1 can say some crazy things! My 8 year old does not since he doesn't really say much, same with my 1 year old (well Ike doesn't say funny thing yet). That leaves Sam and Joe.

Now if you have virgin eyes/ears you may not want to read this one. Even though it came from a 5 year olds mouth!!

Sam- she is my non-stop talker. If someone could really 'talk someones ear off', she is the girl call! The kids had swimming lessons a few weeks ago. While I was telling Sam to get changed into her dry clothes she pulled her swimsuit down, stuck her butt out and said, "bite my ass!" I looked over at her and she quickly began to say, "I mean bite my bootie!" Yeah, cause that is so much better!

Although Max doesn't talk much I do have a funny on him. When Max, Sam and Joe were in the bath tub Max decided to add a little extra to the water. While I wasn't paying close attention to them Max grabbed the bottle of baby oil, a almost full bottle of baby oil mind you, and dumped the whole thing in. I was given a clue when I smelled a different smell. I knew I recognized the smell. Then saw the bottle in Max's hands. Bingo! They were grease balls for a few days! Of course Joe had his pictures taken that same afternoon. So I tried to not let the oily water get on his hair. It did some but mostly on the back. I don't think it will be noticeable in the pictures. I haven't pick them up yet. At least they all had soft skin!

Sam and Max are enrolled in gymnastics through the park and rec. While waiting during the class, it is torture on me trying to keep Joe and Ike happy, and somewhat quiet. Last week Ike was sleeping so Joe sat quietly by me and ate peanut butter crackers. Then got a drink of water. After his drink of water he said, " that is some good water. It went to all my bones in my body. My feet bones, my pee-pee bone..." Thankfully I don't think anyone knew what he said. Or at least they all kept straight faces! He kept going back to the fact that the water went to his pee-pee bone! On the top on his pee-pee, and on the bottom of his pee-pee bone. Alright Joe! I got the point now please talk about something else!!

Max, Sam and Joe were playing some game- I have no idea what. Joe fell to the ground like he died. Sam and Max walked over to him and put their arms around each other. Sam said, " he's dead. Well Max, He was a good kid." As if they were at his funeral giving a speech or something! Then Joe jumped up.

Never a dull moment with kids.

Today is the first day of school. 1/2 day today and full day tomorrow. I am so not ready to start waking up early.

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SunflowerMom said...

So funny! I love the "well, Max, he was a good kid." I love hearing young ones chat.