Tuesday, August 25, 2009

possessed Ipod?

A little over a week ago Max woke up before anyone else. Pete said the Ipod stereo was on and that Max must have been up for awhile since he turned that on. That explained why my Ipod was on the Shrek playlist when I turned it on later. The next night My Ipod starts playing loudly. I figured since it was storming that it may have just got a jolt of electricity or something. Pete's coffee grinder will go off by itself when it is lightening so I figured this was the same. I get up, turn it off and go back to bed. I look at the clock and it's a little past 3 am. That's weird, I thought. My Ipod just happens to go off by itself at 3? 3 AM is dead time. What is dead time? Dead time is when supposedly the evil spirts are more active. It is the opposite time of when Jesus dead on the cross, at 3 PM. IF you believe in that type of stuff. I do- well at least in ghosts. Anyway, when it did start playing, it was playing Shrek songs again! Evil spirit must like Shrek songs.

The next night, same thing happened at 3 am. Shrek again. Sam woke up, turned it off. It wasn't that loud that night. Sam came to me after she turned it off and said someone left the radio on and was wasting electricity! Good girl! Next night, I leave the Ipod out of the stereo. When I went to plug it in later it was already playing Shrek songs.

I was telling Pete about this. He asked if there was some setting on it to make it do that. I told him no. So at bed time I decide to look through the Ipod menu and check out all the settings. Know what I found? Someone had set the alarm, which I didn't even knew it had, to go off at midnight to Shrek songs. It was on California time and was an hour off due to day light savings. Explains the 3 am thing! We are in Central time zone. I am guessing Max set this. He tries to figure the Ipod out all the time. He is awesome at figuring out electronic things but the Ipod is difficult for him. They are tricky to get used to.

So I guess my Ipod is not possessed after all. whew!

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Debbie Yost said...

Why is it when the kids set alarms you don't even know exist they do it at 3 a.m.!? I'm glad it's not possessed. :)