Thursday, August 6, 2009

potty training

Remember me saying a couple weeks ago that Joe just turned 4 and not potty trained. He's just a tad bit hard headed. I tried several times but after so many messes in underwear I would just put a diaper back on him. I had been telling him prior to his b-day that once he turned 4 he was too big to wear diapers.

We were driving home on his birthday from vacation. So a few days later I went for it. Underwear for Joe. I had 2 pair of Thomas underwear that I somewhat bribed him with. I told him he had to keep his other underwear dry and clean for 2 days before he could wear the beloved Thomas the Train undies. He was doing great peeing in the potty. The other part, not so great at, yet. Then one night before we went on a walk Joe announced he went poop in the potty. I didn't really believe him cause all other claims to this turned out to be "invisible" poop. But sure enough he did it!!

He was not interested at all in getting a picture taken. so that is the best I got. He had a few more accidents but after those he has been doing great! He still wears a diaper or pull-up at night. Although he is dry about half the time. He fell asleep yesterday in the car so when we got home I just laid him down. Later I heard him crying in the bathroom trying to get wet underwear off. Last night I let him try to sleep in just undies too. I now have some sheets to wash! During the day (and not sleeping!) he does awesome. no accidents in at least week. I'd say he is potty trained! Yay for JOE!


Karen said...

Woo-Hoo! That is awesome. I love when they finally get the greater picture.

Debbie Yost said...

Yeah for Joe! (and you)