Friday, June 8, 2012

Baby bunnies... again

Rabbits must like our yard.  We do have bird feeders out and don't mind when the squirrels and rabbits visit.  In fact, I throw veggies and fruits out there for them.We love watching all our "wild life."  Which is just birds, squirrels and rabbits by the way. :)

Baby is too old to go down steps anymore so she never goes out in the back yard to stink it up like dog.  Here is baby on her 19th (yes 19th!) birthday.
Well she never uses her dog house anymore so something else decided to.  I was going to clean it all out and move it to the deck for Baby.  I pop open the lid/top and find a freshly made nest.  Itty bitty baby bunnies were in it.  They were just born too!  I didn't take pictures like the last time.  I took pictures one day, when they were about 13 days old.  I knew it would not be long and the cute little things would be gone.

I know, so cute, right?  Well about 3 days later or so they left the nest. We did see one 2 days later hiding out under some over grown lettuce.

The kids LOVED checking on the babies everyday.  I am hoping the bunnies decide to hang around our yard and come visit our feeders.

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