Tuesday, August 25, 2009

possessed Ipod?

A little over a week ago Max woke up before anyone else. Pete said the Ipod stereo was on and that Max must have been up for awhile since he turned that on. That explained why my Ipod was on the Shrek playlist when I turned it on later. The next night My Ipod starts playing loudly. I figured since it was storming that it may have just got a jolt of electricity or something. Pete's coffee grinder will go off by itself when it is lightening so I figured this was the same. I get up, turn it off and go back to bed. I look at the clock and it's a little past 3 am. That's weird, I thought. My Ipod just happens to go off by itself at 3? 3 AM is dead time. What is dead time? Dead time is when supposedly the evil spirts are more active. It is the opposite time of when Jesus dead on the cross, at 3 PM. IF you believe in that type of stuff. I do- well at least in ghosts. Anyway, when it did start playing, it was playing Shrek songs again! Evil spirit must like Shrek songs.

The next night, same thing happened at 3 am. Shrek again. Sam woke up, turned it off. It wasn't that loud that night. Sam came to me after she turned it off and said someone left the radio on and was wasting electricity! Good girl! Next night, I leave the Ipod out of the stereo. When I went to plug it in later it was already playing Shrek songs.

I was telling Pete about this. He asked if there was some setting on it to make it do that. I told him no. So at bed time I decide to look through the Ipod menu and check out all the settings. Know what I found? Someone had set the alarm, which I didn't even knew it had, to go off at midnight to Shrek songs. It was on California time and was an hour off due to day light savings. Explains the 3 am thing! We are in Central time zone. I am guessing Max set this. He tries to figure the Ipod out all the time. He is awesome at figuring out electronic things but the Ipod is difficult for him. They are tricky to get used to.

So I guess my Ipod is not possessed after all. whew!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Max's eye

Max has had regular eye doctor appointments since he was an infant. His vision has always been just fine. Daddy had really bad vision until he had Lasix done a few years ago. I also don't have perfect vision. I wear glasses but I wouldn't say I'm blind without them either. So the last visit Max had the doctor said he was fine and didn't need to be seen again until 3 years were up. Those 3 years are now up. A couple or few months past.

Last school year his teacher and specialists noticed one of his eyes turning in. This was a surprise to me because I had never noticed it. So after that meeting I tried to pay closer attention. I still didn't notice anything. Until we went to Padre Island over Spring break (in March). On our LONG drive home we stopped at Pizza Hut for a late dinner. I'm sure he was tired and he had been watching TV all day while driving in the car. But when he focused on the menu his eye turned in. I have noticed it a few other times since then. I seem to notice it when he focuses on something close to him, like writing or a camera. I tried to get pictures of this but so far, I haven't gotten any good pictures. He usually starts acting goofy once I start snapping pictures of him. You can kinda see it here. His left eye turns in.
So is anybody familiar with this? He as a eye doc appointment Sept 14. That was the soonest they had- even though I called about a month ago. He will miss half the school day for this too.

And since I know you guys are all wondering about my throat, I will share a couple of pictures....
This is day 8. The day I couldn't open very far.

And day 11. scab still there but getting better.
At my 2 week follow up the ENT said it looked good but not healed completely yet. He said to take it easy for the rest of the week still. I didn't tell him I was back to normal activity and food. That was last week. Tuesday marked the 3 week mark. I can still feel the scab and it's still a little tender (when I open all the way or move my tongue towards the back). The ENT said my tonsils were "grody" --did I spell that right? he said they were hard to get out (which I already knew since the surgery took twice as long as normal) and that I should feel much better with them out. Still glad I had it done!

SO any experience with eyes turning in anyone???

Thursday, August 13, 2009

A few funnys

Kids ages 8-1 can say some crazy things! My 8 year old does not since he doesn't really say much, same with my 1 year old (well Ike doesn't say funny thing yet). That leaves Sam and Joe.

Now if you have virgin eyes/ears you may not want to read this one. Even though it came from a 5 year olds mouth!!

Sam- she is my non-stop talker. If someone could really 'talk someones ear off', she is the girl call! The kids had swimming lessons a few weeks ago. While I was telling Sam to get changed into her dry clothes she pulled her swimsuit down, stuck her butt out and said, "bite my ass!" I looked over at her and she quickly began to say, "I mean bite my bootie!" Yeah, cause that is so much better!

Although Max doesn't talk much I do have a funny on him. When Max, Sam and Joe were in the bath tub Max decided to add a little extra to the water. While I wasn't paying close attention to them Max grabbed the bottle of baby oil, a almost full bottle of baby oil mind you, and dumped the whole thing in. I was given a clue when I smelled a different smell. I knew I recognized the smell. Then saw the bottle in Max's hands. Bingo! They were grease balls for a few days! Of course Joe had his pictures taken that same afternoon. So I tried to not let the oily water get on his hair. It did some but mostly on the back. I don't think it will be noticeable in the pictures. I haven't pick them up yet. At least they all had soft skin!

Sam and Max are enrolled in gymnastics through the park and rec. While waiting during the class, it is torture on me trying to keep Joe and Ike happy, and somewhat quiet. Last week Ike was sleeping so Joe sat quietly by me and ate peanut butter crackers. Then got a drink of water. After his drink of water he said, " that is some good water. It went to all my bones in my body. My feet bones, my pee-pee bone..." Thankfully I don't think anyone knew what he said. Or at least they all kept straight faces! He kept going back to the fact that the water went to his pee-pee bone! On the top on his pee-pee, and on the bottom of his pee-pee bone. Alright Joe! I got the point now please talk about something else!!

Max, Sam and Joe were playing some game- I have no idea what. Joe fell to the ground like he died. Sam and Max walked over to him and put their arms around each other. Sam said, " he's dead. Well Max, He was a good kid." As if they were at his funeral giving a speech or something! Then Joe jumped up.

Never a dull moment with kids.

Today is the first day of school. 1/2 day today and full day tomorrow. I am so not ready to start waking up early.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

battle with the markers

Monday morning all the kids were downstairs while I was upstairs. Ike came up looking like he and the markers just got done with a battle.
Joe and Sam also looked the same. I told them to wash their faces when they came up so I didn't get any pictures of them. I don't know why the kids love drawing all over themselves. I was kinds afraid to go downstairs to see what else they may have decorated. I was surprised to see only 1 wii remote was colored blue. That wiped clean with no problems. Sam has always been a wall artist. She hasn't done it for awhile now though. Ike is following in her steps however. He will grab a pencil, makers, whatever and just walk down the hallway with it all the wall. Then he laughs. Monday night he got a big pencil and just drew all over the bedroom wall and laughed and laughed- which is what made me look over at him!

Even bathtime didn't get all the markers off the kids. But at least it is faint now.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

cookies anyone?

Anybody want some chocolate animal crackers? Ike's pouring....

Monday, August 10, 2009

Helper Max

Max loves to help. Sometimes he helps way too much, if you know what I mean. Last week Ike fall asleep in the car so I laid him on a little kid fold out couch. Max decided he needed company. Even though I told Max to stay away from him Max was pretty sure Ike wanted a finger to hold onto while sleeping. A little later I found this...
Aren't they just the sweetest?

A couple days after my tonsillectomy Max wanted to help me cook. I was fixing an egg white, cheese and veggie burrito. Max found Sam's apron to wear- which is really what inspired him to want to help. He doesn't care if it's pink! He did the entire thing and I just kinda guided him. He didn't really want my help, but he was getting it anyway!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Throat pictures

If you are not interested in seeing a nasty throat, then click out now! This is your only warning.....

I had my tonsils and adenoids removed July28th. Before this I had Strep A LOT. I had gotten a sore throat the middle of July. I went to the doctor before I felt like I was on my death bed, which is when I usually wait to go. got meds and a referral.

Here is my throat then... July 14.....

Swollen and has puss spots on it. this is not nearly as bad as it usually got by the way.

Surgery day....July28.... That night is was already starting to scab over.

And you can see how deep the holes are. The ENT said my tonsils were inverted ....

day 4 after surgery... You can really see the bruising on the top of my mouth.
And here is the scab day 4....Day 6 after surgery.. Nice big white scab (still bruised)

Day 6 ... still deep

So far day 7, 8, and 9 have been harder then the others. I'm writing this day 9 so hopefully day 10 and beyond will be better. Still my recovery has been pretty smooth. I'd take this over Strep throat any day.

Max had a tonsillectomy last September but never let me peek in on his throat. I find it pretty interesting though. Day 8 I could barely open my mouth so I didn't get much peeking of my own tonsils that day.

Hopefully I haven't completely grossed you out!

Update: Since this page is by far the most viewed page on my entire blog I thought I would share 2 more picture of my throat during recovery.... HERE and then one year later, my opinion about the tonsillectomy HERE.

If you are going through this or thinking about it ... Good luck! I hope all goes well for you as it did for me. Feel free to leave a comment.

Friday, August 7, 2009

no training wheels

Last week while grandma and grandpa were here Sam figured out how to ride her bike without training wheels. We had gone up to the school to play for a little bit. Sam makes friends with anyone, no problem. So there was a girl there just a few months younger than Sam riding her bike without training wheels. Sam wanted to try too. So the girl shared her bike with Sam. Sam got it. She was riding the bike. Stopping was another story! But grandpa told her to land in the grass so that is what she did. Crashed in the grass. The next day I took Sam's training wheels off her bike. The grandparents took the kids up to the school to play for awhile and practice bike skills.

I still have not gotten a picture of this. I know, bad mommy. But luckily grandpa at least got one picture of my stylin' Sam on her 'big girl' bike...
Go Sam!!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Fun with grandparents

The grandparents were up here for roughly 4 1/2 days helping take care of the kids while I was recovering. The kids had fun. Grandpa and Grandma took them to the mall to play, to the park, and to the school. They also went out to eat several times. I'm sure the grandparents were wore out by the time they left. They did get a few pictures. So I'll share them with you. PS- they are the ones that also got a good one of Max and one of Sam I'll post later..

All 4 kids riding some train at the mall.

Here is Max riding his bike, or Joe's- it's hard to tell in this picture.Joe and Ike climbing away

Taking a time out for a picnic?

potty training

Remember me saying a couple weeks ago that Joe just turned 4 and not potty trained. He's just a tad bit hard headed. I tried several times but after so many messes in underwear I would just put a diaper back on him. I had been telling him prior to his b-day that once he turned 4 he was too big to wear diapers.

We were driving home on his birthday from vacation. So a few days later I went for it. Underwear for Joe. I had 2 pair of Thomas underwear that I somewhat bribed him with. I told him he had to keep his other underwear dry and clean for 2 days before he could wear the beloved Thomas the Train undies. He was doing great peeing in the potty. The other part, not so great at, yet. Then one night before we went on a walk Joe announced he went poop in the potty. I didn't really believe him cause all other claims to this turned out to be "invisible" poop. But sure enough he did it!!

He was not interested at all in getting a picture taken. so that is the best I got. He had a few more accidents but after those he has been doing great! He still wears a diaper or pull-up at night. Although he is dry about half the time. He fell asleep yesterday in the car so when we got home I just laid him down. Later I heard him crying in the bathroom trying to get wet underwear off. Last night I let him try to sleep in just undies too. I now have some sheets to wash! During the day (and not sleeping!) he does awesome. no accidents in at least week. I'd say he is potty trained! Yay for JOE!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


A few weeks ago our magnolia tree was blooming. It smells SO good. At the same time some of my lillies were blooming. Pictured above. It also smelled SO good. It was also very pretty but pictures would never show just how pretty it really was.

I'm am working on getting some post ready so my blog is not completely dead. Stay tuned....