Saturday, August 8, 2009

Throat pictures

If you are not interested in seeing a nasty throat, then click out now! This is your only warning.....

I had my tonsils and adenoids removed July28th. Before this I had Strep A LOT. I had gotten a sore throat the middle of July. I went to the doctor before I felt like I was on my death bed, which is when I usually wait to go. got meds and a referral.

Here is my throat then... July 14.....

Swollen and has puss spots on it. this is not nearly as bad as it usually got by the way.

Surgery day....July28.... That night is was already starting to scab over.

And you can see how deep the holes are. The ENT said my tonsils were inverted ....

day 4 after surgery... You can really see the bruising on the top of my mouth.
And here is the scab day 4....Day 6 after surgery.. Nice big white scab (still bruised)

Day 6 ... still deep

So far day 7, 8, and 9 have been harder then the others. I'm writing this day 9 so hopefully day 10 and beyond will be better. Still my recovery has been pretty smooth. I'd take this over Strep throat any day.

Max had a tonsillectomy last September but never let me peek in on his throat. I find it pretty interesting though. Day 8 I could barely open my mouth so I didn't get much peeking of my own tonsils that day.

Hopefully I haven't completely grossed you out!

Update: Since this page is by far the most viewed page on my entire blog I thought I would share 2 more picture of my throat during recovery.... HERE and then one year later, my opinion about the tonsillectomy HERE.

If you are going through this or thinking about it ... Good luck! I hope all goes well for you as it did for me. Feel free to leave a comment.


ABandCsMom said...

Our 22 year old daughter had to have hers out on 12/16/08. On 12/24/08 she began to hemorrhage and was rushed by ambulance to the ER and back in for emergency surgery. Please be sure you get plenty of liquids and be careful in how much activity you're doing. She over did and under drank. Nearly lost her that day. Just as the surgeon began the 2nd surgery, she hemorrhaged again. He said, "Thank God we had her here when she sprang that leak".

Hope you're feeling much much better.

datri said...

Um, ugh. Man, that's a long recovery! Hope you are feeling better!

Kayla's having T&A surgery on Sept 16th and I'm dreading it.

Kristen said...

Oh man, Jenny!!! Those are awful pics!!! Awful for you, I mean. Bless your (throat) heart!!! Hope your recovery speeds up soon!

Charlene said...

I'm 28 and just had a tonsillectomy yesterday. So far, I also feel better than most of my quarterly sore throats.

Thank you for posting the pictures, it makes it a lot easier to tell if what is going on is normal or worrisome.

JennyH said...

Hope you have a speedy recovery.

I'm so glad I had this done. It was never as bad as strep was.

Surprisingly, these pictures get looked at a lot with google searches!

healthy mom of a healthy 4 said...

Hi - I'm one of those google searches - looking for options (funny I'm also a mom if 4 but I have 3 girls and one max). I am 33 and have strep again - just 30 days after the first time last month. It is horrible!! I don't have any family near by and since my oldest is only 6 I have to hire a nanny to watch them while I spend 3 days in bed :(. Not to mention I have my own home business that is affected by all this!! Do you think I should look into having the same surgery you did?

Take care - and thank you so much for sharing your story!!

JennyH said...

Hey healthy mom of 4--

My surgery was just the standard tonsillectomy surgery. They do have a couple different types of surgeries. My recovery was great. It has now been 2 years since my T&A. Don't regret it at all. It does stink that you would need a nanny but at least you could get some rest. You're not supposed to pick up heavy things (like kids) for awhile but being a mom you know how that goes!

Good luck with your decision.